"Where fear can paralyze, action will mobilize."

Passion is the talk of the town these days. Finding your passion, living from your passion, pursuing a life of passion. 

You can find a thousand motivational quotes about passion and the importance of it. It often ranks in the top 5 traits needed for exceptional leadership. 

And, don't get me wrong, I am a BIG believer in building a life that you are passionate about. After all, passion is consistently shown as the driving force behind success, allowing us to live better lives and experience more happiness.

But there are so many misconceptions about passion and the role that it plays. 

Tell me if you can relate to the following scenario:

You are ready for a significant change in your life - one that you are both passionate about and inspired by - such as, starting a business, writing a book, quitting your job to travel abroad, moving to a new city.

You might call it "following your heart" or "pursuing the life of your dreams." Your friends might be telling you to just "take the leap" and trust, and perhaps you went as far as creating a vision board and writing down a few positive affirmations to support your mindset. But you haven't gotten past the idea stage and the fear has started to take over.

  • What if no one likes your product? 
  • What if you run out of money?
  • Where do you even begin?

The fear has crept in, and at the end of the day, it's winning...

These questions are a great example of how our minds handle significant change. Our minds take every major milestone and the long list of tasks that we have to complete before that big change can happen, and it lumps them together with all of our current day responsibilities - personal, work, etc.

Our minds act AS IF we need to know all the answers (with certainty!) before ever getting started.  It wants a guarantee that we are going to reach every major milestone.

And this is where passion struggles, where passion is usually not enough.

In the face of fear, especially paralyzing fear, passion is NOT the antidote.

Action is.

Where fear can paralyze, action will mobilize.

Action allows us to build momentum. Gain clarity. Strengthen confidence. Action allows us to eventually realize that idea we now only dream about. 

Where passion is the spark, action is the fire.

I often hear people talk about giving something your all - your 110% bro! - in order to be successful, as if anything less won't get you there. 

But that's not my mantra.

All I need to move forward is 51%.

As long as I'm 51% committed or motivated toward my goal (and only 49% "Netflix on the couch" or keeping life easy), I know I've got what I need to succeed.   

I just need to want it a little bit more than I want the easy way out...

You see, the hardest part about taking action towards change is actually getting started. And, whereas most people want to tackle the big milestone - like building their website! - all in one day, I focus on starting with SMALLEST thing. One call, one email, one request. 

If you do nothing else but one single thing EVERY DAY to move your idea business forward then you won't be able to stop your eventual success.

And you don't need 110% for one small action. You only need 1% more than than the halfway mark. You only need 51%.

So... what's the first step that is so super small that you can do right now or today?