I recently sat down with performance expert Todd Herman and asked him this simple question:

"What's one thing that I should do this year to become more successful?"

Without batting an eye he gave me a four-word answer:

"Watch your game film."

I was a bit puzzled and reminded him that I was, "...a business guy, not a professional athlete!"

He chuckled before breaking it all down for me. Here's what I learned and exactly how you can apply his simple advice in your own life.

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Steal This Strategy from the Pros

Have you ever had parts of your business or personal life that never change, despite your best efforts?

Of course you have. According to Herman, everyone has. He's helped Olympians, billionaires and professional athletes make those changes and break-through to new levels of performance.

And he says it always starts with "game film" -- regardless of if his client is a professional athlete, a movie star or an entrepreneur.

In professional sports, athletes and coaches watch game film to review their performances and find ways to improve. It's no coincidence that many of the greatest players and coaches of all-time have also been the greatest "film students".

For example, Kobe Bryant watched so much game film that he was affectionately referred to as a "video fiend".

Legendary NFL coach, Bill Belichick, has watched so much film that he's developed an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the game. He's even been known to spend up to 20 minutes dissecting one single play!

How to Break Down Your Own 2016 Game Film

There are five simple questions to ask yourself when looking back at the previous twelve months of your life. When doing this, Herman says it's important to pay attention to the "unexpected" things that happened and not just your "wins".

1. Is there anything you want to START doing?

A new year is all about starting something new, right? So when you look back at 2016, ask yourself if there's anything you could have done that would have helped make it a more successful year. How can you start doing these things in 2017?

2. Is there anything you want to STOP doing?

What held you back this year? What would you like to eliminate from your life? Whether it's eating too many brownies or spending too much time on social media -- figure out how you can stop doing the things that aren't helping you.

3. Is there anything that you want to CONTINUE doing?

What are the things that you are already doing that you'd like to keep doing in 2017?

With the next two questions, apply the 80/20 rule to what you spent the most time on during the year. You want to focus on the 20 percent of tasks that generate 80 percent of the benefit.

4. Is there something you want to do LESS of?

This your "eighty percent". Decide how to eliminate, delegate or cut down on these activities.

5. Is there something that you want to do MORE of?

Figure out how you can spend more time on these activities.

Ready to "Go Pro"?

Spend some quiet time to ask yourselves these simple questions and really break down what happened for you in 2016. Treat it like your own film session and have some fun with this.

This simple exercise will enable you to adjust your plans accordingly and drastically improve your performance in 2017!