I love infomercials and shopping the As Seen On TV section at CVS. I bought the Scrub Daddy and the Spatty after seeing them in Shark Tank, and would absolutely purchase a Drop Stop if I owned a car. My love of roast chicken led me to seriously consider a Ronco Rotisserie ("Set it and forget it!") despite having nowhere to put it in my kitchen.

Great pitchmen selling product engage an audience through enthusiastic momentum building - you have this terrible problem, too? I have just the thing to solve it! Get it while you can! Look, it really does work! Isn't this amazing?! They tap into a discreet personal need, introduce an innovative solution and use offer scarcity to convince you you want it, you need it, and you have to get it right now.

On the sell side, creating that same excitement and urgency are your immediate goals, whether you're offering a a sponge, a bond or a SaaS subscription.

Be Genuine

Infomercial pitchmen are extremely rehearsed performers, but they somehow come off as personable and trustworthy. At the very least, they seem genuine. Often, too much practice can make you sound robotic, delivering lines as if on stage. Not only is that difficult to connect with across a conference table, any unexpected interruption or question will throw you off your feet. Have an outline of what you'd like to cover, with key facts memorized, but be genuinely interested in and responsive to your counterpart. Breathe. Relax your hands. Create a comfortable, personal atmosphere, not a show.

Make Eye Contact

Recorded pitchmen look directly into the camera, and with any live audience move their eyes around the room to connect with individuals. Unless they need to look down or away to demonstrate, they're always selling out in front. Avoid the urge to look at your papers, behind you at a projection, or even in the same direction as others in the room. Focus on who you're trying to persuade. If there are multiple people, shift your connection from person to person throughout the discussion, and avoid focusing too much on any single individual.

Highlight Testimonials

You know every infomercial will switch from the sales pitch to a montage of use cases and happy customers expounding on how the product changed their lives - and the seller is hoping at least one will strike a cord with your own personality or experience. Gather a variety of customer feedback, case studies and references to choose from, and highlight those that would most resonate with your audience. Be prepared to backup your claims of greatness. "Don't just take it from me!"