Chances are, you spend much of your workday immersed in email. But if you're one of the 1.2 billion people on the planet who use Gmail, you could be getting more done by using add-ons Google recently launched which let you complete actions right inside your inbox. Instead of toggling to another app to do things like text a co-worker, sign a document, or update a project status, you can integrate common business applications with your Gmail account to get work done faster. Check out this list of new add-ons for Gmail, which you can install by visiting the G Suite Marketplace or by clicking on the settings cog in Gmail and then "Get add-ons."

  1. Asana lets teams track projects from start to finish, so everyone knows who is doing what and by which deadline, along with the project's current status. Teams that are already using Asana--including Airbnb, General Electric, and NASA--can now receive an email, turn it into a task, assign it to a team member, set a due date, and track an activity without toggling between email and Asana.
  2. Dialpad is an all-cloud communication service that brings together voice, video, messaging, and meetings into one place. With the Gmail integration, you can send texts, view history, save new contacts, and make Dialpad calls from the Gmail interface.
  3. The Hire integration enables small businesses to recruit and manage the entire recruiting process within Gmail. Companies using Hire, like Brad's Deals and Lean Data, can add candidates, view all of the interactions with them, and upload résumés to the system directly from the Gmail inbox.
  4. Many companies, especially those in the service market, regularly share invoices with customers. With the Intuit QuickBooks Invoicing add-on, you can cut down on switching between programs to send invoices and track their status and payment all within Gmail.
  5. ProsperWorks enables Gmail users to access their CRM data in Gmail. You can easily add new leads, log follow-up activities from a call or meeting, and view recent activity from the right-side pane of your inbox.
  6. RingCentral enables employees to connect via voice, team messaging, SMS, conferencing, and more. With the new integration in Gmail, you can communicate more effectively and see a colleague's online/offline status, review call history, make outbound calls, and view and send SMS messages via desktop, smartphone, or tablet.
  7. The Smartsheet add-on helps teams add entire emails and attachments to new smartsheets or existing rows in a sheet. Additionally, you can import Google contacts from Gmail to Smartsheet to quickly share projects. This helps teams quickly find approvals and emails easily, without having to search for a separate email thread.
  8. Streak is a customer relationship management tool for your inbox, using spreadsheets to organize projects with the emails that go with them. With the add-on, you can see company information, related deals and contact information, and details of a deal that you can quickly edit in Gmail.
  9. Trello is a visual project management system that helps you stay organized and on top of your to-do list. It lets you turn an email into a to-do item with a single click. Subject lines become card titles and email bodies are added as card descriptions automatically.
  10. Wrike is a social project management and collaboration software that allows employees to manage tasks online with real-time update capabilities. Using the Gmail add-on, you can create Wrike tasks from emails, view and edit tasks, and send and receive Wrike comments from within your inbox, so your team can accomplish more.
  11. DocuSign (coming soon) will let you sign contracts, agreements, and documents from within Gmail.

Organizations can also create their own customized add-ons, which run natively in Gmail on the Web and Android.