With the last page of the year almost ready to be turned, many people are thinking about how they're going to behave differently in 2019. If getting more done is something you'd like to achieve, take some tips from Emily Price, author of Productivity Hacks: 500+ Easy Ways to Accomplish More at Work. Here are a handful of her best ideas.

1. Before bed, assess whether or not you gave the day your best effort

If so, enjoy this self-affirmation. If not, figure out where things went wrong and strive to not make the same mistakes the next day. The more days you do your best, the more productive you'll be.

2. Stash your phone out of sight and hearing

When it's within your view you're more likely to pick it up and waste time on social media. Instead, as soon as you arrive at work, set your phone to silent and put it in a drawer, retrieving it only for lunch and during a morning and afternoon break.

3. Stand up if you find yourself in a conversation which is taking too long

It's a signal you're going to walk out the door. Most likely the person who you're speaking with will get the hint and wrap up his or her thoughts.

4. Invest in a second monitor

It will allow you to have multiple browser windows or applications open simultaneously.

5. Use the RunGo app when traveling

Lots of business travelers like to run at their destination as a way to stay fit and explore a new city. RunGo uses voice navigation to steer you to interesting and vetted routes near where you're located.

6. Don't remain in the whole meeting if your work only relates to part of it

Instead, ask the meeting organizer if he or she would be OK with you leaving once your part is done.

7. Sign up with Google Voice

It will assign you a special phone number which will ring your mobile phone and give you the option when you answer of taking the call, or sending it to voicemail. You can also have all your calls forwarded to voicemail where they are transcribed.

8. Try the Forest app

It inspires productivity by growing virtual trees the more you stay off your phone. Alternately, they wither and die when you spend time online or on social media.

9. Repurpose the tablet you never use as a second screen

It's an easy way to keep things like email or your calendar in sight, but not taking up real estate on your computer screen. If you want to do more heavy lifting the paid app Duet Display will make an iPad a real second monitor.   

10. Invest in a robotic vacuum cleaner if you work from home

It's a true boost to your feelings of productivity when you're hammering out work in your home office while a robot rolls all around your house sweeping crumbs, hair and dirt off your floors.

11. Download a scanner app

This is helpful in case your printer doesn't come with a scanner. Check out apps such as Evernote Scannable and Adobe Scan which allow you to use your phone's camera to scan documents. They can then be emailed to others from directly within the app.