What is luck? Why do some people seem to have more or less than others? Does your luck factor fluctuate? If so, what can you do to keep it as high as possible?

Research has found a correlation between good luck and the right attitudes and choices in life. Check out these quotes from more than a dozen executives who share their views on how anyone can be luckier.

1. Surround yourself with great people.

"If luck in business is defined as success achieved through chance rather than action, then there's not much one can do. However, if you hire and surround yourself with great people--people that work hard, are creative and collaborative, hold themselves accountable for their mistakes and congratulate others on their successes--then you'll feel lucky every day."

--Michael Crincoli, president of The Neat Company.

2. Don't expect all good luck to look good.

"Don't sit around waiting for good luck to find you. Plant lucky seeds with hard work and generosity every day. Don't expect all good luck to look 'good.' Believe it or not, we are lucky to have challenges in our life. Until you take your last breath in good health, consider yourself lucky. I started my company during the least 'lucky' period of my life. I was immobilized for weeks because I was part of the very small percentage of people who had a complication from retinal detachment surgery. I was one of the unlucky ones. And through that challenge, new opportunities came in to my life. My mind cleared, luck appeared."

--Silvia Mestre, cofounder of Egg-Q, an at-home fertility testing kit that shows the strength of your ovarian reserve and works through tele-medicine consultations.

3. Keep trying new things.

"One of the dangers of success is that it can breed complacency. The key to being lucky in business? Keep trying new things--even things that might not sound like great ideas at first. Whether your projects become successes or failures, you should never stop looking to improve, enhance, rebuild or develop your ideas."

--Alex Gizis, cofounder and CEO of Speedify.

4. Share your passion with everyone around you.

"Don't become disconnected. Be sure your team and everyone around you knows your passions and your goals and can be a part of it and be appreciated. With your wins and losses, your team will be there to celebrate in the success and be there to build each other back up from the losses."

--Nicholas Raba, president of SecureMac.

5. Find your season of success.

"Seasonality has a lot to do with your ability to launch successfully. What does that actually mean, though? Are there good months and bad seasons to launch a business? Is that only relevant to certain types of businesses? The answer is 'no.' This is a true statement regardless of your industry. It's not rocket science to realize that launching a toy company in time for the holiday window is critical. We all know that systemically raising venture capital or angel financing is usually best avoided in summer or winter months. You'll be luckier in business and in life if you can dig deeper to find your season of success. Know the optimum time to call your customers when budgets are being set. Look at a potential investment fund's cycle to identify whether they're actively making new investments or in the midst of fundraising themselves."

--Nicola Corzine, founding executive director of the?Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center.

6. Give back.

"Whether it be in business or just life in general, the more you contribute greatness, the more greatness you get back."

--Robyn Santiago, CEO of Illumination PR and owner of Villagio's Italiano restaurant.

7. Embrace your uniqueness.

"One way to be luckier is to celebrate your unique working style and personality differences at your business. As business partners, we contribute our everyday experiences, our individual strengths and our personal walks of life to our brand. By doing this, it opens up so many doors that alone we may not have had access to."

--Valerie Wray, co-owner of Soy Candle Company, The 125 Collection.

8. Be bold about getting the word out about what you're trying to do.

"As luck would have it, the people we chose to randomly talk to at festivals, restaurants, or in line getting coffee were drawn in and curious about the unusual sport of hatchet throwing. It was not unusual to get a response like, 'Well, this is good timing--I am trying to find something to different to do to celebrate my husband's 40th birthday.' We even went so far as to talk to a driver in the car next to us at a traffic light. Perhaps it was lucky that this person displayed a need to take out aggression in a fun and positive way. We believe that our paths brought us to the right people, who eventually came to check out Stumpy's and are now loyal customers. Bottom line, be open minded and take risks when networking your business. You never know who may be turn out to be your target customer."

--Kelly Josberger, co-owner of Stumpy's Hatchet House.

9. Work hard with dedication.

"Work isn't work when it's your passion and especially your hobby. Make your career something you love to do and you'll never feel like you are working a day in your life. By installing values, dedication and hard work into every aspect of your business, your luck will soar in ways you didn't think were imaginable. My luck was able to fully recover from falling sick and a near-death experience, to starting my own cosmetics business and becoming the successful woman entrepreneur I am today. "

--Latasha McRae, CEO and owner of Peeks Cosmetics.

10. If you want something, make it happen.

"Without fail, several times a day, in person, via email, Twitter, Facebook or some other medium people tell me that I am lucky... to do what I do. It's as if the luck fairy came down and made my life the way it is. I understand why people say this, of course, but I don't believe in luck. Furthermore, nothing I have achieved or done in my life is lucky. We make our own luck in life and that's exactly what I've done and why I can do what I do. So please don't tell me, 'It's luck.' I didn't hit the lottery. I am not an arms dealer or something, which is actually a question I get a lot. I made my own good fortune through hard work, sacrifice and taking risks. It drives me crazy when people say, 'I wish I could travel more'. If you want to, make it happen. Develop a plan and go for it. You can do anything you want to do, but doing great things takes sacrifice and risk. It's not luck."

--Lee Abbamonte, travel expert, self-proclaimed "youngest American to visit every country," and owner of the travel blog LeeAbbamonte.com.

11. Invest in your passion.

"No risk, no reward. The right time and right place for the right person can be very lucky. But knowing what to do with that opportunity is what it's all about. If you are not willing to put in the time and or the money into your passion, then luck can only take you so far."

--Mike Virdi, cofounder of OurBus Inc, a technology platform for public transportation.

12. Never quit.

"Being luckier comes with perseverance. Perseverance helps you get where you want in life. Never giving up. Never taking no for an answer. If you continue to push forward no matter what obstacles lay ahead, doors will start to open up and your luck will start to change. However, it is not luck at all but just the willingness to strive harder than the next guy."

--Andrew Cavitolo, Creative Director at Riviera Caterers, which brings Michelin-level catering to Millennials partnered with 860WTC, Spring Studios and soon-to-be Oculus.

13. Be good to your business and it will be good to you.

"My grandfather, my father thereafter and now myself and my siblings, all instill that culture into our businesses. It's about taking care of people, employees and customers alike, consistently maintaining your physical plant and seeing your properties every day, and paying attention to the details. With this premise guiding us, and perhaps a bit of luck, we have grown a multigenerational business and we know our grandpa would be proud."

--Colby Brock, general manager of the Radisson Hotel in New Rochelle, New York.

14. Be ready to make the most of opportunities when they arise.

"There is no substitute for hard work, being prepared, and having a killer product that solves a real consumer need. Being lucky isn't about hoping for it, it's about putting in the effort to ensure you can capitalize when opportunity comes your way.?"

--Numaan Akram, founder and CEO of crowd-powered travel company Rally.