Think about the apps you use most often. Do they help you get more work done, stay heathy, relax, or save time and money? Here's a fresh list of apps more than two dozen executives say are their favorites.

1. Fantastical 2 ($4.99 for iOS)

"Fantastical 2 is, hands down, the easiest scheduling app to use, and I recommend for all iPhone users--regardless of age, profession, and level of busy-ness. The simple design keeps things clean, quick, and frustration-free, and I love the week ticker, which it makes it super easy to see your week ahead. I need an app that makes it easy and fast to view, create, and schedule appointments, and this app has risen to the top by far. Another perk is that it works with Google, iCloud, and Exchange ,so I never worry about missing an appointment. Everything is there for me."

--David Walke, CEO of goCharge, a distributor of mobile device charging kiosks

2. 1Password ($2.99 a month billed annually for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows)

"Security is as important as health insurance nowadays. We need to be careful with how we store and access our personal data, especially passwords. 1Password app encrypts all our passwords and automatically fills the passwords for you, so your data stays more protected when using unfamiliar networks."

--Konstantine Sukherman, CEO of CYBRI, a cyber security platform that helps connect skilled university graduates and seasoned professionals with the employers that need them

3. Mindbody (free for iOS and Android)

"As cliché as it sounds, a workout each day keeps me grounded and sane amidst the pressures of work and life. Mindbody allows me to book classes for the entire week at my favorite studios and adds them to my calendar so it's visible to me and my staff. That way, it's on the schedule and blocked off for 'me time.'"

--Lauren Danziger, executive director of the Meatpacking Business Improvement District

4. Slack (free and paid versions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, desktop, and Web)

"I love Slack, as it provides me with access to real-time communication between all teams and employees. By strategically structuring our Slack channels, team members are naturally encouraged to collaborate and communicate regularly on specific topics, with management maintaining visibility and the option to guide conversations where necessary."

--Tim Chatfield, co-founder and CEO of Jitjatjo, maker of an intelligently matched temporary staffing mobile app

5. Dark Sky ($3.99 for iOS and Android)

"I love this app because I find it is the most accurate weather app. Being underdressed or overdressed for the day can completely alter the way I function. Since I am always on the go, running a standalone restaurant and two Rossopomodoro locations at Eataly... when I am dressed properly for the day I can get so much more accomplished."

--Simone Falco, chef and owner of Rossopomodoro

6. Goat (free for iOS and Android)

"Every CEO and entrepreneur needs to support a strong sneaker and shoe collection. Goat has every exclusive pair of shoes and is currently giving Sneaker Don a run for his money."

--Akash Nigam, CEO of Genies, a company changing the way Millennials share news

7. Headspace ($7.99 a month billed annually for iOS, Android, and desktop)

"[This guided meditation platform] allows me to start the day with a clear and rested mind. I am able to handle whatever the day throws at me a lot easier after doing this. The app is also great for on-the-go and traveling, and has a variety of series to allow you to focus on whatever aspect of your life you would like to improve."

--Tom Dwyer, CEO of the men's fashion brand TAYLRD

8. Uber (free for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone)

"I love Uber for its sheer ease of use, convenience, and reliability."

--Eric S. Yuan, founder and CEO of Zoom, a video conferencing and web conferencing service

9. Wine Spectator Wine Ratings+ ($2.99 a month for iOS and Android)

"I'm a wine geek so often I want to check on a given wine or vintage when we're at dinner. I have used both the WS and Robert Parker apps, and the WS one is way better. It has both iPad and iPhone versions."

--Mike Tuchen, CEO of Talend, a software integration vendor

10. Snapchat (free for iOS and Android)

"I am focused on business close to 24/7. Snapchat gives me a chance to laugh a couple of times a day when I get to see the antics of my three, twentysomething daughters in their Millennial lifestyles."

--Rick Bergman, president and CEO of Synaptics, a human interface solution developer

11. Trello (free for iOS, Android, and desktop)

"During my day, I can work between the G Suite and Trello to keep projects organized. The cards are easy to follow: I can see what work is getting done, and add comments to others' work. This gets me and my colleagues out of email jail and fosters focus on the tasks at hand. It's easy to add team members for a specific item and not have the burden of people who don't need to know being CC'd on emails to death."

--Craig Walker, founder and CEO of the business phone system Dialpad

12. FlightRadar24 (free and paid versions for iOS, Android, and desktop)

"I travel so much between offices in New York, London, and Tel Aviv that I joke my office is located at 40,000 feet. While I don't mind the time in the air, I do loathe waiting at airports for delayed flights. That's why I can't live without my FlightStatus and FlightRadar24 apps. Using those apps, I can check where the inbound plane is on its flight path, and based on that, I can see if the flight is going to be delayed, often hours before the airline would notify me. Those saved hours give me more time to spend with my family or to do any of the other things I'd rather do than wait at a gate."

--Dror Ginzberg, co-founder and CEO at video creation platform Wochit

13. Evernote Scannable (free for iOS)

"I can't live without my favorite app, Evernote's Scannable. It's such an easy way to streamline my to-do list between being a busy mom and a busy executive. With one picture, Scannable allows me to keep working when on the go, managing everything from uploading and sending back client contracts to submitting a health form for my kid to play on the school's soccer team."

--Kristin Savilia, CEO of JOOR, a digital wholesale marketplace connecting brands and retailers

14. Podcasts by Apple (free for iOS)

"The podcast app on my iPhone is hands down my favorite. It's my window into a world of infinite learning and passions both professional and personal, from knitting, politics, and scientific discovery, to ad tech and B2B marketing. And whatever the topic, a compelling podcast always comes down to the art of great storytelling, which of course is the foundation of great marketing. I never tire of exploring new ways to tell a brand story and I continue to marvel at the creative genius behind the best ads we see on TV and every other screen, which have been at the epicenter of my nearly three-decade career. Telling a great story in 15 or 30 seconds is no easy task. It's pure brilliance when done well. Through podcasts, I've discovered that same genius in long form.

--Melinda McLaughlin, CMO of Extreme Reach, the cloud technology platform for TV and video ad workflow and talent and rights management

15. Pleco (free and paid versions for iOS and Android)

"Pleco is a Chinese dictionary app that also includes OCR, direct touch-based 'handwritten' entry, stroke-order instruction, dual-gender pronunciation audio, etc. It's delightful, inspiring, and instructive to play with the Pleco dictionary system. Despite the subject matter's sophistication (and, yes, complexity), Pleco's UI design maintains and confers a beautiful adroitness. I lead a company whose products' message is that interaction is power, so--particularly in a world where overinvestment in simplicity often staves capability--luminous examples like this one are companion and fuel."

--John Underkoffler, CEO of the spatial computing firm Oblong Industries, Inc.

16. TeamSnap and GameChanger (free and paid versions for iOS, Android and desktop)

"As a little league coach, I live in these two apps and often wish they would merge! TeamSnap is the ultimate team admin site--it keeps my practice and game schedule; tracks RSVPs, roster, and contact info, snack assignments, field locations, and payments; stores photos; and handles parent email and text notifications. GameChanger is the ultimate scoring app. Now owned by Dick's Sporting Goods, GameChanger allows me to move scorekeeping from the old-fashioned book to an app so I can score a games in real time, track stats, and, for a fee, have parents watch a game on their app if they can't be there in person."

--Matt Blumberg, CEO of email optimization company Return Path

17. Dr Greger's Daily Dozen (free for iOS and Android)

"After trying literally dozens of daily nutrition apps, this is hands-down my favorite. With no bells and whistles, this less-is-more app focuses only on the daily essentials for a healthy, whole food, plant-based lifestyle. It is the easiest and fastest way to keep track of what you are consuming and optimize your diet. And it definitely got me to eat more beans. Any app that can do that gets my thumbs up."

--Monica Ruffo, CEO of Well Told Health, a certified organic apothecary that offers clean Health Boosters crafted purely from organic food

18. Asphalt 8 ($4.99 for a starter pack on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Amazon)

"This racing app allows me to put my brain in a jar. When I'm traveling and anxious and in that weird space where I'm too tired to work but not tired enough to sleep, it ends up being great therapy. Puts me in the zone fast. And I think brain flow can be good for us. It's almost a meditation."

--Dr. Allen Lim, founder of natural hydration and nutrition company Skratch Labs

19. Airplane mode (free, included on almost all devices)

"This super kickass app is literally one button on your phone that comes pre-installed! It's free every month and hands down my favorite app. I'm able to just click the button, and bam! I'm instantaneously super connected with all of my physical surroundings. It's insane how good it works. I love using it when I'm out camping for the weekend, on dinner dates, and even sometimes when I'm at work."

--Benjamin VandenWymelenberg, founder and CEO of WOODHCHUCK USA, which designs and manufactures high-end wood covered journals, notebooks, iPhone cases, and other wood products

20. Expensify (free and paid versions for iOS, Android, and desktop)

"Terrific expense and time management app that takes the pain and paper out of the reimbursement process for the team at Nothing Bundt Cakes."

--Kyle Smith, president of Nothing Bundt Cakes

21. WeChat (free for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and desktop)

"[This messaging app] is a Swiss Army Knife that serves many purposes, but a particularly useful one for small-team communications. Surprisingly, other than being the WhatsApp, iMessage, Apple Pay, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Yelp for your life, it can also serve as a Slack-like tool that tremendously improves your work efficiency as it relates to group communication, document sharing, and video conferencing."

--Yinan Du, CEO of the 2-4 percent APY high-interest mobile banking app Beam

22. Fitbit (free for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and desktop)

"Fitbit isn't just a wearable that tells time. It is the most sophisticated, data-rich tool I use for my business. For my business? Yes, for me to be at top performance, I need to get good sleep and keep up a workout routine. Fitbit turns these needs into data driven levers I can pull. I realized the power of my FitBit when I solved my midweek fatigue by forcing myself to get an extra hour of sleep. The old adage that you can't fix what you can't measure is true."

--Dave Krauss, CEO of "the smoke detector for noise," NoiseAware

23. Dropbox Paper (free for iOS, Android, and Web)

"This app is my go-to app for exchanging quick ideas with the product design and business executives. It helps me give quick feedback on the multiple projects the team is working on, comment and get to quick consensus on the way forward. Its simplicity reduces clutter and helps me see what the feature will look like in the app once implemented."

--Richard Rabbat, CEO of the world's largest user-generated GIF platform, Gfycat

24. Slack (free and paid versions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, desktop, and Web)

"One of the most useful apps from a productivity, communication, and culture perspective is Slack. If that isn't tight communication and strong culture building, I don't know what is. Slack has contributed significantly to Ask.Vet operating as a more cohesive, connected, and engaged team."

--Cal Lai, CEO at Ask.Vet , a "virtual urgent care" service that lets people text licensed vets for answers and save thousands in unnecessary vet bills

25. FinalPrice ($99 a year for iOS and Android)

"As an ex-Googler, I tend to use the whole suite of Google products. For flights, Google Flights is one of the best apps out there. But for even better deals there's a new app called FinalPrice. You pay a yearly subscription fee (which you easily make your money back on after a booking), and get access to discounts for hotels, flights, and cars."

--Patrick Ip, co-founder at Unity, a Silicon Valley-based startup that uses AI to power micro-influencer programs at scale

26. Flipboard (free for iOS and Android, desktop, and Web)

"Flipboard tees up some of the more interesting things happening in the world through a daily dose of stories that have been curated based on my passions, or at least the handful of topics I clicked that one time I signed up for Flipboard. It's a refreshing departure from the up-to-the-minute news feeds coming at us, and lets me take a breath, learn something new, and get back to work with new perspective."

--Clint Smith, CEO of marketing software services provider Emma

27. Garmin Connect (free for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and desktop)

"Keeping fit and healthy is hugely important, particularly when running a successful business can be all consuming. I use a variety of apps to help track my exercise regime but this is my go-to app of choice. It's simple to use and allows me to monitor a range of health data at the touch of a button."

--Paul Kenyon, co-CEO of endpoint security software company Avecto