LinkedIn now has more than 313 million users worldwide. So if you're serious about your career, you're making a mistake if you're not tending to your profile there and growing your professional network. With a tiny bit of effort your profile can be getting hundreds of views a week.

Here's how to do it.

1. Use the Skills feature.

You may wonder at the value of adding Skills to your profile that other people endorse. On the surface, it's a no-brainer. LinkedIn is all about building your brand as a professional, so of course you want to tell the world what you're good at. That said, if you're like me and are connected with people you don't know in real life, it can feel phony to receive endorsements from strangers. Don't worry about it. According to a blog posted today by LinkedIn senior data scientist Mathieu Bastian, people who call out skills on their LinkedIn profiles receive an average of 13 times more profile views than those who don't. That's a significant number for anyone looking for a job or trying to garner important connections. Check out the full infographic below this post.

2. Use Resume Builder.

Think creating and maintaining a résumé is a pain? Resume Builder is a web app that uses the LinkedIn API to pull whatever you've included on your LinkedIn profile to automatically create a résumé you can download as a PDF file. So, all you have to do is invest some effort up front to write a solid profile and make sure to keep it updated, and you'll never be short a decent CV. Find Resume Builder here. (Just make sure your writing is business-ready.)

3. Spam your email contacts.

While LinkedIn professes to want only to connect people who know each other in real life, the professional network also contradicts itself and gives you the ability to invite everyone in your email contact lists. Fine, except you've probably emailed plenty of people you've never met in real life, or had to communicate with only once or twice. Doesn't matter. While you're going to get a certain percentage of people asking you to remind them how you know them before they let you into their network, the majority of your email contacts who use LinkedIn will give you the green light. I invited all my Gmail contacts to connect with me last year and nearly doubled my LinkedIn connections in just a few days.

What LinkedIn features have you found to be most helpful? Sound off in the comments.

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