I have three jobs and it would be difficult for me to pick which one is my main gig. My hospital nursing job is only part-time, but it provides my family with medical benefits and paid vacations. My work as a columnist has been instrumental in widening my network and exposing me to the most interesting and talented people in business. But my mind's attention and energy may be most devoted to my position as a managing partner for a fledgling commercial construction company, which I find to be weirdly exhilarating.

Maybe having three widely divergent jobs isn't something you'd find appealing. Certainly, many people would not be interested in the tremendous amount of hustling which goes into keeping all my endeavors afloat.

On the other hand, a second (or third) income might be just what you're looking for. If so, I have some ideas.

Sell your stuff

Most likely you have countless items in your home which are unused. It could be the majority of your closet which goes untouched, electronics nobody's using anymore (think old cell phones, activity trackers or music players), or household items which would look better in someone else's house. So many platforms exist for selling all of these things. I've sold lots of items on Facebook Marketplace within the last year, my husband makes extra cash selling ATVs, motorcycles and other vehicles on Craigslist, and my daughter snaps photos of the clothing and footwear she no longer wants to wear and posts them on Poshmark. It's just a matter of taking a Marie Kondo approach to your environment, making piles of things which need to go and then finding the right platform.

Become a freelancer

I used Wix to create the website for the construction company I help to manage. The only problem was that once I started making changes to the formatting it was like a game of whack-a-mole in that every time I moved an element, something else got screwed up. Lucky for me, Wix designers are a thing. I used Upwork to find a college kid who charged me $20 an hour to fix my site. But he was just about my most inexpensive option, which is good news for you if this is a talent you possess. Same thing with writing, social media, marketing, sales, SEO, graphic design or any other work which can be done remotely. It's just a matter of finding a freelancing platform which can connect you with clients.

Get a weekend job in healthcare

Probably, this will entail you going back to school and earning a certificate or license of some type. But this industry is golden and there are countless jobs available which need employees who will work weekends. As far as nursing goes, it's called a "casual" position when you're only required to work a few days a month. And, people who work casual make significantly more than regular employees because they don't get benefits.

Start modeling and doing commercials and voice overs

I know a talented musician who does this to pay the bills while he works on getting traction for his own creative work. He tells me that many cities are exclusive markets, meaning you can only be represented by one agency through contract. Do you have the appearance, confidence and ability to be great in front of a camera? If so, all you need to do is research the talent agencies in your city. Typically, you upload a headshot, resume and your measurements and see if the agency contacts you. Just know it helps to have theater experience and you should never pay to be included on an agency's roster. Talent agencies take a cut from talent earnings, incentivizing them to get you work.