Millennials take a lot of flak in the media for sporting a sense of entitlement, constantly looking at their phones and craving praise for every little thing. But what about the generation's strengths? In all fairness, they certainly exist. In fact, older people in the workforce--Gen-Xers and the percentage of Boomers still on the payroll--can learn a thing or two from people between the ages of 18 and 35. That's according to AJ Patel, founder of InstaNatural, a beauty brand that's killing it on Amazon and recently expanded to and With the goal to become the fastest growing e-commerce beauty brand in the next year, the 28-year-old's ambitions and achievements are worth noting. Here are the lessons he says older workers can take from Millennials.

1. Embrace change.

Technology and the way business is conducted evolves rapidly. Millennials have an advantage because they embrace and welcome change. "The average age of InstaNatural employees is 27 years old and we're always looking ahead to what's next, and new and innovative ways to serve our customers," he says.

2. Work smarter, not harder.

Millennials are masters at multitasking, thrive in fast-paced environments and don't like to waste time. They also value a healthy work-life balance and don't believe in working 24/7 to be successful. As such, InstaNatural offers employees flexible work arrangements, unlimited paid time off and sick time as well as learning and growth opportunities. "Happy employees in a positive work environment make for a more successful and prosperous business," he says.

3. Embrace your passions, professionally and personally.

Millennials want to invest their time into things they care about. What doesn't motivate them: Working a nine-to-five job in trade for a paycheck. "My passion for entrepreneurism started at a young age," he says. "At 14 years old I started and sold a web-hosting company to multiple web-based businesses that I leveraged to put myself through school."

4. Take risks.

Great  achievements require risk and often involve failure. "That's a part of life and not something to shy away from," he says. "Those failures are an opportunity to grow and learn from past mistakes."