Employees who are going to achieve a company's goals need to be motivated, engaged and productive. If that's not the status quo, there are a few things any leader can do right now to improve team members' attitudes. That's according to Dan Ruch, founder and CEO of Rocketrip, a New York City-based startup that incentivizes employees to save money on business travel. As a self-professed expert in behavioral economics, here are his words on several easy tactics for boosting morale.

1. Celebrate something.

It's easy to lose sight of all the great work done throughout an organization, or to never see it in the first place. Recognizing sales, new product developments, and positive customer feedback lets employees see that they're part of something bigger than their to-do lists.

2. Give people time off.

Low morale creates a cycle in which some employees burn out and leave the company, while those who stay are stretched even thinner. Encourage employees to take time to recharge even when the pace gets most intense (especially when it gets most intense).

3. Find a problem to fix.

Improving morale isn't just a matter of promoting the good. It also means addressing the bad. Be honest with staff about factors weighing on the business or adversely affecting the workplace experience, then show what will be done to address the problem. The key is demonstrating transparency and urgency.

4. Switch up a routine.

Repetition leads to fatigue. Small, purposeful changes--even something as minor as switching which conference room is used for weekly meeting--serve as a reminder to approach each day as a new one.

5. Make room for the F word.

Find a way to have fun, whether it's a team picnic, happy hour, karaoke or paintball. People who have fun at work can be the most motivated, engaged and productive team members.