As the largest living generation, Millennials are a demographic every brand wants to charm. But the first trick in garnering their loyalty involves getting their attention and keeping it -- no small feat considering these younger consumers aren't as likely as Gen-Xers and Boomers to respond to traditional advertising or marketing tactics. Take some advice from someone who makes her living getting brands noticed. As a Millennial herself, Madeline Familia, CEO of New York City-based Creative Voices PR, has some advice on the topic. Here are her words on how to market to people younger than 40.

1. Understand the platforms Millennials are using.

To reach this generation, brands must have a strong social media presence on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. These are the platforms where younger consumers spend their time, the majority of it on their phones.

2. Engage with them.

Millennials communicate incessantly with each other using social media. Get in on the conversation by asking for their opinions or by using popular tags on Instagram and Twitter.

3. Get creative with original content.

Millennials want original and creative content, not traditional ads that promote a brand directly. So avoid content that directly focuses on luring them to buy a product or service. The more creative, informative, and original your content, the more likely they are to share content with others in their age group.

4. Understand their passions.

Millennials define themselves by their interests and passions. They want to connect with brands that share their passions. This is a key motivation for their purchasing decisions.

5. Align your brand with key influencers.

The majority of social media stars, such as The Blonde Salad, Something Navy, and I Am Galla, are Millennials themselves who excel at creating engaging content that appeals to young consumers. Unlike traditional celebrities, Millennial influencers also speak to their followers as peers, making their recommendations more credible. You want these people to authentically promote and defend your brand. Find ways to get them on your team.