Everybody knows that if you're trying to get an ingenious product into production, Kickstarter is one of the best places to crowdfund your idea and raise the money to do it. The critical component you'll need to reach your funding goal on Kickstarter is the promise of a mind-blowing invention that will entice the masses to pull out their wallets. Here are a handful of Kickstarter campaigns (mostly) underway right now, so there's still time to get in on the action or at least get a whiff of some pretty cool futuristic technology.


You might wonder why you would want a drone following you around wherever you go but, for extreme sports enthusiasts or creative types, the prospect of this kind of aerial filming is brilliant. The 2.2-pound HEXO  flies at up to 45 miles per hour, operates for 15 minutes on a charge, and works with iOS and Android apps that let users frame themselves on a live video feed of what the drone's camera sees. Once the subject starts moving, the drone uses trajectory-anticipation algorithms to process data from its sensors and a user's smartphone to predict the person's next position. Within 72 hours on Kickstarter, HEXO had attained more than $500,000 in funding and has now passed the $1 million mark.

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The Moment Smartwatch

This sleek-looking accessory makes use of a flexible e-paper display to wrap messages, calls, and data--from your Bluetooth-connected smartphone--around your wrist. Even better, four programmable areas surrounding the clock face can be used to do things like connect with a PC and control a PowerPoint presentation or turn lights on and off with a tap. You can also click into it an electronic module that gives the Moment tech upgrades such as biometric sensing or inductive charging. Oh, and under normal usage it holds a charge for 30 days.


Browsing the Web is hardly a private affair--countless companies track the online actions of Internet users so as to better market products and services to them. And then, of course, there's the NSA to worry about. This USB drive lets you bypass any computer's hard drive and software to browse anonymously and securely so even spyware hiding in a machine can't see what you're doing. The ICLOAK Stik combines a security-hardened operating system with a secure Web browser and encrypted password management.

The 360cam

If you really want to capture a moment, what could be better than a 360-degree view of everything surrounding it? The 360cam is an ultra high-definition camera with three 185-degree fish-eye lenses that stitch images in real time inside the camera to produce all-around photos and videos. People really want this thing--thanks to Kickstarter, the high-tech device has garnered more than $1.4 million in funding.


Cisco predicts that 50 billion things will be connected to the Internet by 2020. OORT is one system that will help make it happen. It turns your smartphone into a remote that you can tap to control intelligent devices and appliances in your home--coffeemakers, thermostats, lights, anything that can connect with OORT's multi-radio Wi-Fi/Bluetooth low energy (BTLE) hub. Best of all, you can even connect pets and people via a smart sensor attached to a collar, backpack, or shoe.