Think about the important relationships in your life. How do you show up for your significant other, children, friends or coworkers? What words would they use to describe you? If you want to be a rock for them, this is what should come to their minds.

You’re a helper, but not a doormat

A habit of helping others strengthens your relationships. Yet, it's important to understand the kind of people you're dealing with. It’s a waste of your time and energy to help people who are perpetual takers, lazy or selfish with their own schedule. But for everyone else in your world can you be the person who drives to the airport, helps with a move, drops off a meal or fixes something broken?

You’re the opposite of an energy vampire

They are the complaining unhappy gossips who drain your positivity and peace. Be the person who makes others laugh without talking crap about others. Tell stories which lift your listeners. Grounded individuals don't need to tear others down in order to feel built-up.

You’re confident

Worrying about what can and may go wrong is not something which grounded people do. They believe they can handle whatever life throws at them, regardless of how bad it gets. And when things do go wrong, they’re able to take charge, figure out what needs to be done, and move everyone else in the right directions.

You’re quietly spiritual

I liken this trait to confidence, because it’s having an assurance in the unseen. What’s not grounded: Pushing your beliefs on others, whether you’re pro- or anti-higher power.

You practice healthy daily habits

Disciplined people are people you can rely on. You know who you can’t count on? Anyone addicted to drugs or alcohol, for one. Anyone who can’t manage their own health to be alive in the long-term, for two. Being a rock means getting up early, exercising daily and putting the right stuff in your mouth.

You have the ability to lend or gift money when absolutely necessary

Think of a time when you experienced financial hardship due to no fault of your own. Imagine if someone had come to you with an amount of money and said, “Here, take this. When things are better you can pay me back if you are able.” That said, as the giver of money you need to be judicious and understand which people in your life constantly exist in a state of need because they don’t manage their resources well. On the other hand, if it’s an individual who’s experiencing an aberrational rough patch, be good and help.