Keeping up with the latest and greatest in tech is a job in itself. Here's what you need to know about a handful of superb tools that can help you get more done, feel less stressed, and generally be a better, more organized, you.


This one is for Gmail users who want a tidy inbox. ZeroMail analyzes your email, lists all of the dozens of newsletters, notifications, daily deals, bank statements, and other non-personal mail you receive every day, and lets you unsubscribe to them or put them in a daily digest. When I tried the service I was shocked at the sheer volume of unnecessary messages I receive without even realizing it. Cost: Free.

Time Etc

This virtual-assistant service custom matches entrepreneurs and professionals with U.S.-based assistants who have the right skills for whatever you need done. When I tested Time Etc, the female researcher who worked for me was a stellar communicator, worked quickly, and collected exactly the kind of online information I was seeking. Other things you can get help with: administrative tasks, writing, marketing, selling, dealing with customers, screening applicants, and virtually any other task that a remote worker could perform. Cost: $26 an hour.


Featured on Product Hunt's "Best of July" list, XPRS is a new way for anyone to create a website, even if you don't know a bit of code. It uses "polydoms" that let you build responsive content that automatically adjusts to the screen and is optimized for mobile. It's sort of like building a site with digital Lego blocks, and you can either start from scratch--adding things like forms, text, images, links, and a store--or use one of the platform's many beautiful templates. Cost: Free for students, artists, and non-profits and $7.95 a month for businesses.


Would being younger help in any area of your life? InsideTracker was developed after two years of research by leading authorities in aging, including Harvard genetics professor Dr. David Sinclair, who was named as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine. Its algorithm looks at up to 30 biomarkers in your blood to determine your real biological age, or what the company calls your "InnerAge." It analyzes things such as cholesterol, vitamin and mineral levels, liver enzymes, hormones, white blood cells, high sensitivity C-Reactive Protein, and more. After InsideTracker calculates your InnerAge it will make diet, weight, fitness, and supplement recommendations to help you lower it. The company says on average people have an InnerAge 3.13 years older than their chronological age, but can lower it significantly by changing habits. Cost: Plans start at $49.


This cloud-based software lets you build presentations, infographics, product demos, Web banners, résumés, and more. It's no wonder Visme has more than 250,000 users--its beauty lies in its ease of use and fresh-looking templates. With just a few clicks you can quickly generate a bar, pie, or line chart, or pull in video and audio from the Web. You can insert free images or upload them from your computer. You can make your projects private or public and publish or download them as an image, PDF document, or HTML for offline use or embedding in a website or blog. Cost: Free for three projects; $7 a month (billed yearly) or $12 a month for up to 15 projects; or $16 a month for unlimited projects.


Digital nomads will love this curated collection of resources for people who can work from anywhere. NoDesk features articles, blogs, books, communities, a global map of co-working spaces, links to open online courses, and a slew of job boards--all related to living and working remotely. Cost: Free.