If you travel for work but want to be healthy, you know the perils: Lack of healthy food choices at the airport, dehydrating flights, hotel workout rooms not outfitted the way you'd like.

You might call Freshii founder Matthew Corrin an expert on the subject. With Freshii locations in more than 50 cities, 10 countries and a new health food restaurant popping up every week, Corrin has racked up more than 100,000 miles for the last four years making it happen. Here's his unusual advice on how to stay healthy if you travel often.

Never travel on weekends.

Corrin travels on average three days a week but cordons off his weekends to spend time with his family. If you want work-life balance you need to commit to not ever giving up Saturday and Sunday to travel for work.

Never spend more than one day in a city.

"I don't believe there's any city you can't accomplish everything you need to accomplish in more than 24 hours. You can do a day and a night in a city and accomplish 10 meetings if you need to and be able to leave feeling very productive." Corrin sticks to this policy when traveling overseas, as well, usually flying in on a Sunday night redeye, and spending the next three days in consecutive cities, flying out on Thursday.

Exercise every day, no matter what.

For Corrin, it's hitting the hotel treadmill. "It keeps my metabolism going and it keeps me fresh and energized," he says. "If I take more than three or four days off of working out--sweating--my skin feels funny. I need to sweat."

Drink excessive amounts of water.

Most people don't drink enough water during a regular work day. When you're traveling it's especially important to stay hydrated because flying is brutally dehydrating. "I once had to check to see if you can [drink too much water]," he says. "But it works for me. It keeps me flush."

Carry fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts.

It's hard to find healthy food at the airport. In fact, the Freshii located at the Toronto Pearson International Airport is the company's best performing store and the company has plans to open five more airport locations this year, with more to come beyond that. In the meantime, plan ahead and bring fruits, vegetables and nuts with you. "I always carry raw almonds when I travel so that I'm never starving if a flight is delayed or a meeting goes late," he says.

Sleep in two short bursts a day when traveling overseas.

Corrin sleeps from around 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. local time when working in the Middle East or Europe. "It allows me to stay relatively up to date on the hundreds of emails I receive every day and the multiple time zones that we operate in. It actually is enough to keep me fresh throughout the full period of the day," he says.

Be consistent.

Whether it's always packing comfortable clothing, the frequency of your exercise, your sleep patterns, the amount of water and coffee you consume (Corrin slams four shots of espresso every morning) your body will appreciate regularity. "The least amount of things I need to think about in my day, the better," he says. "That consistency is very valuable and helps to offset this crazy flux that you throw into a circadian rhythm when you do international travel."