Think about the last time you completed a huge project, organized your space, or completed a bunch of necessary tasks. When it comes to work, whittling down a to-do list may be one of the most gratifying things a person can do. To help, here are several tools to skyrocket any office worker's productivity.


If you need any kind of form on your website, this communication tool can help. It's a software platform that lets visitors register or pay for things, complete job applications, provide ideas for a suggestion box, fill out incident reports, contact your company, or do anything else that necessitates a form. Focusing on a conversational user experience, Typeform is designed to increase response rates from users by making questions more engaging. The platform has 170,000 active users, about 1 million registered users, and launched in beta in 2013.

Price: Plans range from free to $70 a month at Typeform.

Experts Exchange

Tech issues are an inevitable part of doing business. Get help from this online community, where you can submit a question, browse articles and videos, or hire an expert for one-on-one help in real time. The community includes more than 500,000 members, more than 4 million verified technology solutions, and more than 4,300 articles and videos.

Price: Plans range from free to $21 a month (extra for one-on-on assistance) at  Experts Exchange.

Thrive Day Planner

This digital day planner was designed for entrepreneurs, can be used on any device or computer and features places to identify and track progress reaching yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals. For example, not only is a daily view a place to mark events and appointments throughout the day, it includes areas to list general goals as well as to-dos according to sales, marketing and projects. In addition, it provides spots to jot general notes and to journal in an inspirational field titled "I will thrive today because...."

Price: $19.97 at  Thrive Day Planner.


All computers eventually can benefit from some optimization because over time unused files and settings accumulate to clog hard drives and slow processes. CCleaner cleans up these files, erases browser search history and cookies, disables unneeded programs, and cleans errors and broken settings which lead to crashes.

Price: Plans range from free to $39.95 at Piriform.


This messaging platform is slick because it allows teams to communicate in one central spot--doing away with the silos email creates--while offering a slew of useful and unique features. It also integrates with hundreds of apps for devices and computers. For example, by hooking Twitter up with Slack you can keep an eye on what people are tweeting about your company, competitors, or any other thing you want to track. It was Inc.'s 2015 Company of the Year, it won a TechCrunch Crunchie award for "Fastest Rising Startup," and it turned heads when it took an unusual tack for a young company by forming an $80 million venture fund to invest in other startups.

Price: Plans range from free to $15 a month per user, with enterprise plans also available, at  Slack.


This PowerPoint alternative provides a unique, non-linear way to give a presentation. More than 75 million people now use the visual storytelling tool, collectively publishing 260 million public presentations that have been viewed more than 1.6 billion times.

Price: Plans available at Prezi range from free (users must share their prezis publicly) to $4.92 a month for an individual. Prezi also offers enterprise pricing, which can include custom branding and professional design services.  


This business phone platform uses the cloud to send company calls, texts, and multimedia messages to all of your devices, whether it's your computer, or mobile or desk phone. You pick up from whichever is most convenient. Unlike most conferencing services Dialpad does not require a PIN and integrates with Google Apps for Work, Office 365, LinkedIn, and Twitter to add context to calls and provide users with more information about who they're communicating with. Created by Craig Walker, who also made Google Voice and Yahoo! Voice, the service is used by Hillary Clinton and companies including Uber, Vivint Solar, Motorola, and Betterment, in addition to 60 percent of the Fortune 500.

Price: Ranges from $15 to $29 per user per month and available at Dialpad.