The people who achieve the most in life don't get to the top by handling themselves like everyone else. One thing they typically have in common: Consistently doing the right things, every single day. Like what? Take some ideas from Devan Kline, cofounder and CEO of Burn Boot Camp, a national boutique fitness concept with more than 70 locations open and more than 300 in various stages of development. Since deciding to franchise the brand in 2015, it's become a $45 million-plus business. Here are his words on the daily habits you should be practicing if you want to get ahead in business and life.

1. Wake up grateful (and early).

This is the fundamental principle that sets successful people apart. To gain financial freedom you already have to consider yourself wealthy. Wealth doesn't come from money, fame, or fortune--it comes from within you. Spend the first five minutes of your day thankful, grateful, and appreciative for what you do have, who loves you, and what you are proud of. Money without fulfillment is considered failure so don't forget to fill up on the road to riches. By the way, that road begins at 5 a.m. every day of the week.

2. Sharpen yourself.

Dedicate 30 minutes to an hour every day toward strengthening your mind. Your inputs on daily basis will equal your outputs. Trade binge watching Netflix for binges of educational podcasts like Tim Ferris and Tony Robbins. A mentor once told me: "while you're watching other people make money on TV your customers are buying from your competitors." I haven't turned on the TV since.

3. Get your heart rate up.

Energy and enthusiasm are resources that live within you. Break them wide open with a daily "Burst Training" routine or a HIIT and activate your physiology. A great workout will instantly change your state. The crucial decisions of life and business must be made from an energetic and optimistic state of mind. Making decisions from a state of overwhelm and frustration can derail the success train.

4. Raise your bar.

Reevaluate your standards daily. Every day is an opportunity to grow, learn, and discover ways to create a better quality of life. Your past does not define your future and each day there's an opportunity to redefine your destiny. Society and circumstances don't define you--your own decisions do.

5. Schedule your family first.

Family is the most important element of life. I dedicate one hour each night to give my family my undivided attention. It may not sound like a lot of time but one hour of focused time is better than three hours with your head buried in your iPhone. Schedule your family time first and schedule your professional matters around it.

6. Set up tomorrow, today.

Before the night is over, commit to writing down your major outcomes for the next day. Express your outcomes in a way that excites you so you go to sleep anxious to get up and complete them. Both consciously and subconsciously, you'll get clarity on your direction for the next day.

7. Inventory where your focus should be.

Leaders realize they need to create other leaders to be successful. Gain clarity on the top 5 percent of activities that only you can complete. While there will be things you have to do that are not in your top 5 percent, the goal is to identify and leverage the areas which need most of your focus.