Whether it's a friend or family member, the people in your life are not perfect. And frankly, neither are you. Here are several abundantly common behaviors which don't do anyone any good. If any of these habits are yours, the time to stop is now.


Do you take at least one, good, self-indulgent vacation a year? Do you pay your share of the tab, plus 20 percent gratuity? Are you a thoughtful gift giver? If you make enough money to handle your life responsibly, these are things which should be a given. Absolutely no one likes a cheapskate.

Talking about people behind their backs

Imagine if you could be a fly on the wall with a group of people all talking negatively about you. Use the Golden Rule and don't treat others the way you wouldn't want to be treated.

Being a "yes person"

Authenticity is a trait which people typically appreciate. What's not so endearing: individuals who agree with whoever has the most power in the room. The best leaders don't want to be around kiss-ups but value those who will give it to them straight.


Do this if you want the people you work with to be miserable. Innovation, creativity, and growth result when workers have enough breathing room to make their own decisions and learn from their failures.

Publicly swearing off Facebook only to get back on later

Yes, you may be tired of reading political rants or seeing the bragging photos from people's amazing vacations. If you're really that fed up, just quit and don't tell anyone. Then, if you ever come back, your friends won't judge you.

Talking on your cell phone in certain public places

Pew Research Center surveyed more than 3,200 adults in the United States and found that most people feel it's OK to talk on your phone while walking down the street, using public transportation, or waiting in line. Where it annoys people, though: at restaurants, during a family dinner or meeting, and at a movie theater or worship service.

Being an energy vampire

It's someone who gives off negative vibes, such as tension, anxiety, or anger. Remember, everyone has an energy field around them which can subconsciously be felt by others. If you feel as if you have a black cloud over your head, change your thoughts and try to get into a zone of peace. Your positive feelings are what will energize the people in your world.

Complaining about having to attend events

All of us have familial or social obligations we'd rather skip. But like it or not, your social connections are a big determinant of the quality of your life. Quit complaining about having to spend two hours at your nephew's birthday party and instead pay attention to the human beings in your sphere of influence.

Being self-absorbed

Bragging, interrupting, looking at or tapping on a phone when someone is trying to talk to you are all ugly behaviors. Instead, show interest in others by asking good questions and take a break from your device. People will want to spend more time with you when you are consistently present in the moment, authentic, and humble.

Published on: Jul 18, 2018
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