There's something so gratifying about finding a package at your door after a long, hard day of work. Even though you may have ordered it yourself, it feels akin to a gift--opening and unwrapping whatever's inside. It's no wonder people are signing up like crazy to make sure subscription boxes--filled with everything from food, cosmetics, clothing and more--regularly arrive on schedule. According to research conducted by Shorr Packaging, subscription boxes have become a huge thing in recent years: More than 2,000 subscription box services exist in the U.S., as of March of this year. In fact, visits to subscription box websites have grown by over 3,000 percent in the last three years, up from 722,000 visits in 2013 to 21.4 million in 2016. Check out this infographic, which teases apart which brands and categories are most  popular with consumers.

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