If you're old enough to remember a time before mobile devices existed, you may wistfully yearn for the days when people were head-up, paid better attention to conversations and read books or the newspaper instead of scrolling through a Facebook feed on their phones. Think about how different things used to be--remember when kids climbed trees and biked (without helmets) to meet friends and play outdoors instead of incessantly posting Snapchat stories and obsessing over the reactions to them?

Today, the discomfort many people feel when separated from their mobile devices is a real thing. That's according to a study conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Intrepid Travel, which recently launched a range of trips called Digital Detox Tours, during which  travelers purposefully forsake their phones and cameras while exploring destinations including Ecuador, Thailand, Morocco and India. The thinking is that most travelers have become so focused on digitally capturing each and every moment that they aren't fully able to genuinely experience a vacation and the people encountered along the way.  

Skeptical? Check out OnePoll's infographic, which is packed full of statistics that show the myriad of ways mobile devices keep people from living in the moment and fully engaging with people around them.

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