Within the e-commerce realm email is a critical way of communicating with customers. But from the other side of the screen customers are all over the board in terms of how they react to what lands in their inboxes. According to an infographic created by the cloud-based transactional email delivery company Easy SMTP research shows several email tactics are statistically proven to be more effective than others.

The subject line matters.

For instance, mentioning a specific item a customer left in a shopping cart increases open rates by 10 percent. Alternately, confirmation emails without the words "thank you" receive 35 percent fewer clicks. Asking for a product review in the subject line has also been shown to increase open rates by as much as 28 percent. The best time to ask for it? Two to three weeks after a customer makes a purchase.

Customers open receipt emails like crazy.

Receipt emails, which customers often open several times, have an open rate of 114.4 percent. That's compared with shipping confirmation emails, which garner an average open rate of 107.4 percent and a 20.8 percent click rate.

Welcome emails are a great place to sell.

According to Easy SMTP, welcome e-mails result in the highest revenue per email with an open rate of 88.3 percent. Including an offer, such as "10 percent off your first order" can more than double your revenue per email.

Check out the rest of the numbers for yourself.

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