Absolutely no one enjoys sitting down to create a resume. It’s time consuming, not only in terms of coming up with the best language with which to sell yourself, but also with regard to choosing the best fonts and getting bullets and indents properly aligned. It’s a pain point well understood by Hiration, a resume services startup which launched an online resume builder in August. Since then, thousands of resumes have been built on its platform, which cofounder Anish Raj Sikka says is unique because of the editable content Hiration provides users.

How it Works

After registering on the Hiration platform using Facebook, Google or an email and password, you create a new resume by choosing either a two-column or one-column design, then a content template associated with the kind of work you do. Hiration offers 42 various profiles to choose from, everything from operations, finance or HR to service oriented jobs such as restaurant server and nurse. Then, it’s just a matter of editing the content Hiration provides.

Sikka is right--it’s nice to have sample wording already filling out a resume before you even get started. That said, you certainly can’t just use what’s provided in the template. Hiration does a great job of using terminology relevant to a particular job function, but it obviously won’t ring true or sound authentic unless you tailor it to your actual experience. Plus, there’s no way any resume builder can cover all the possible jobs in the world, so a certain number of users are going to have to do considerable editing of Hiration’s content to fit their line of work.

Pay for Premium, or Not?

Hiration’s resumes are beautiful and not having to spend an ounce of effort on formatting makes the cost of this service--$12 a month--worth the investment. While the company does offer a few free templates, the best ones are premium, although a person certainly can create a functioning resume for free in a fraction of the time it would take to format one independently.

My take: If Hiration offers content relevant to your career, pay for the subscription. You’ll save time trying to brainstorm what to write, although remember that you’ll need to edit whatever content Hiration provides in order to make it applicable to your actual experience. Premium users also can save and download several different versions of a resume, whereas folks using the free tier only get one.

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