Thanks to the ubiquity of internet-enabled mobile devices, winning new customers often depends on their ability to find your online listings. According to Kendall College in Chicago, which crunched the numbers to determine what customers expect when they're searching for a business, there are many simple things a company can do to optimize its listings.

For example, 46 percent of restaurant customers want to be able to make reservations online, with 62 percent reporting they would be less likely to choose a place to eat if they couldn't view the menu online. When it comes to physicians, 62 percent of patients use reviews as a first step to finding a new doctor with Healthgrades being the most used site for vetting them, although Yelp is more trusted. Yelp also is the most popular and trusted site for reviews of lawyers and 70 percent of people who need legal help will drive a farther distance to meet with an attorney who has better reviews. Service companies should know the Better Business Bureau is trusted by 63 percent of people who need improvements made to their homes. Their pet peeves: a contractor leaving messages, showing up late and not finishing on schedule. As for the retail space, 62 percent of Millennials use Facebook to research purchases before buying.

Check out the Kendall blog, which offers a wealth more stats on the subject, as well as this infographic, which explains how you can make the most of your local listings.

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