A welcome email sent to a new subscriber after he or she opts-in is a critical touch point with your customer. Not only is it your chance to make a good impression and set the tone for your future relationship, a well-done welcome email can make you a lot of money. In fact, according to Easy-SMTP, a cloud-based SMTP relay server that delivers one-at-a-time transactional emails securely, welcome emails result in 320 percent more revenue compared with other promotional emails, have an 86 percent higher open rate, a 196% higher unique click rate and a 336 percent higher transaction rate.

Psychologically speaking, the welcome email has a unique advantage over a promotional email. It's triggered by the user, immediately follows the person's action and feels like a user-directed experience. Fine, but how do you capitalize on your customer's desire to actually open your electronic missive? Easy-SMTP put together an infographic with heaps of stats that point the direction to optimizing a welcome email. In it, you'll find the most effective tactics for increasing the rate of opens, clickthroughs and transactions, as well as which words to use and those to avoid.

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