Remember when you were a kid and somebody would tell you something, you'd believe it and--ha ha--it was all made up? Oh, that's right--it's April 1--the day to celebrate the practice of lying to people.

For years, brands have been using April Fools' Day as an opportunity to flex their creative muscles and engage with consumers with fake ads for products no one will ever be able to buy. Weird as it is, here are some of the clever spots running on possibly the most pointless and annoying holiday on the calendar (and having to share the spotlight this year with more virtuous Easter).

T-Mobile Sidekicks: A Smartshoephone

Pindrop Tongueprinting: A New Kind of Biometrics

Hydroviv: A Water Filter That Turns Tap Water into Wine

Chegg Osmosis Pillow: A Memory Foam Pillow That Increases Your Memory

Man Crates Porch Piracy Protection

Life Storage Howie: The Next Generation of Self-Storage Technology

5,000 Rabbits That Forage Herbs for FreshDirect

Vidyard GoVHS! A More Personal Way to Get Your Message Across

 Petco Beautiful Bond Salon: Get Styled to Look Like Your Pet

SodaSoak by SodaStream: A New Kind of Fountain of Youth

Bob's Watches: Sun Dial Watch