Think about how many times and in how many different ways you need to communicate with a customer before closing a deal. Just scheduling one meeting can involve a volley of emails. What about the time you spend  researching someone or a company, or the phone calls it takes to build a relationship?

According to Tawheed Kader, founder and CEO of sales success platform ToutApp, on average it takes about 30 touches across email, social, meetings and phone calls to get one deal done. Considering an individual rep may be chasing a dozen at a time, it amasses to be a mountain of work.

It doesn't have to be, says Kader. Today ToutApp launched a new feature called Sales Campaigns, essentially a power task list which knows the kinds of things a salesperson needs to be doing, and queuing actionable buttons up at the right time. For example, if it's time to reach out to potential customers, the software will connect the salesperson to a prospect by phone in one click. Or, if your sales process normally involves researching a person or company on LinkedIn, ToutApp knows it, and will automatically go into the social network and find the right information you need. And whatever activity taken is logged into Salesforce or another CRM tool a salesperson may be using.

ToutApp as a sales tool has offered some slick features since entering the market as an email app in 2011, later pivoting to become a more robust offering specifically geared to help with sales. Working with whatever other software you're already using, it automates things a salesperson shouldn't need to do over and over again. For example, right inside Gmail or Outlook ToutApp offers templates to answer customer questions, and will log any email sent into Salesforce. The platform tracks emails and presentations to see how recipients interact with them, and pulls a person's calendar into email so he or she can offer a client a handful of meeting times instead of going back and forth trying to nail down a slot that works for both parties.

ToutApp, which runs $79 per user per month, is used by more than 100,000 salespeople and nearly 500 enterprises including Glassdoor, Mixpanel and Atlassian. Kader says the company--which is backed by Andreessen Horowitz--has been experiencing triple digit revenue growth year over year for the last two years. Competitors include ClearSlide and Yesware.

"The buyer journey is changing and salespeople today are having to deal with more--more touches, more people," Kader told me. "People are more informed so they have to have their information straight and be able to intelligently have discussions leveraging technology."