Chip Gaines took to Instagram and Twitter late January 2 to announce his 39-year-old wife, Joanna, is expecting the couple's fifth child. The posts have garnered millions of likes and comments, no surprise considering the HGTV stars--famous for renovating houses on their show "Fixer Upper"--are experts at using social media to cement their brand in likeability.

Here's what they do right when it comes to PR and rocking it on social media.

1. People love a brand with a sense of humor.

Chip's kooky antics--and how he elicits smiles, eye-rolling and laughter from his wife--play a big part in what people like about the show, and this flows over into how they engage with people on social media. Chip's baby announcement on Instagram is a perfect example, with Joanna stroking his protruding belly. Science has shown why this kind of goofiness works to attract fans. It turns out that smiling and laughing release the feel-good neurotransmitters dopamine, endorphins and serotonin which make people feel happy and lower heart rate and blood pressure. When a brand can elicit this response, it makes people feel connected as if they're hanging out with friends.

2. They know the power of authenticity.

Joanna topped the "TV Personalities on Social Media Chart" published by The Hollywood Reporter last month. As for Chip, he's got more than 3 million followers between his Instagram and Twitter accounts. Chip's feeds, in particular, feel as if it's really him behind the posts. If he hired someone to do it for him you certainly wouldn't see the punctuation and capitalization errors that are sprinkled all over his posts. And just this morning Joanna posted video on Instagram of a pregnancy ultrasound where you can hear Chip quietly astonished at his next child's heartbeat.

3. No one dislikes a brand that's family-friendly.

Try to think of the opposite. While certain shows may receive accolades for pushing boundaries and raising eyebrows, they're also going to have some haters. Not so with Fixer Upper--Chip and Joanna give their kids cameo appearances on every show and their family life is a big part of what makes their brand so likeable.

4. They sell a love story.

These two really like each other. Anybody who's been married a while knows this isn't always a given. Check out this post on Instagram. Kind of makes you want to say "aww...." doesn't it?

5. They continually build on their success.

While the show is currently in its last season, the Magnolia brand is going strong. Under its umbrella is a retail and dining destination, an ecommerce site where designophiles can purchase candleholders, vases and the like, as well as a realty company and vacation rental properties. All of this attracts more than 30,000 visitors to Waco, Texas, every week.

What do you find most compelling about Chip and Joanna? Sound off in the comments.

Published on: Jan 3, 2018
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