In a somewhat sneaky--but brilliant--move, the world's largest restaurant chain is testing a menu item that's going to fly out of its deep fryers. Hungry hordes everywhere are praying the loaded bacon and cheese basket of fries comes to a location near them soon.

Is this a new kind of Super Size?

Remember when giant sodas and heaping bags of hot and salty french fries were a thing at the Golden Arches? That was before the 2004 documentary "Super Size Me" was released. Shortly thereafter McDonald's did away with the super size option.

Yet it can't be denied that the loaded bacon and cheese basket is pretty big. Admittedly, the fast food behemoth is marketing the fries as an item to be shared by two people. But it's also a given that lots of people are going to sit down to eat them solo, in spite of the fact that the basket reportedly packs 880 calories. There's no stopping it.

Nobody goes to McDonald's to eat healthy anyway.

The company lists five lettuce salads on its nutrition calculator website. You know who's eating that stuff? Dieting moms coming through the drive-thru with a minivan full of famished monsters. I know because I've done it countless times, every time wishing my mouth was full of fries instead of lettuce.

In fact, while I only allow myself a Big Mac about every third birthday, I was surprised to learn some of the newer, healthier-looking options on the menu are pretty much on par with the burgers most skinny people don't eat. I just had the Pico Guacamole with Artisan Grilled Chicken a few weeks ago and patted myself on the back for choosing it over a burger. Gram for gram, though, I was disappointed to learn I might as well have had the Big Mac.

You may have to wait a while to get the loaded fries.

For now, only lucky eaters in select locations will get to indulge. According to Brand Eating, the new menu item has been seen in the Greater Pittsburgh area, Central West Virginia, Southeast Ohio and Eastern Kentucky.