What's better than discovering technology which is easy to use, affordable, and supercharges your productivity? Here are several innovative websites and apps which can help you crank out more  work, faster.


This signing tool has a feature which allows contracts to get signed faster and easier by sending straight to clients' mobile devices. With its text-to-sign contract technology, you can send contracts over text, giving signers the ability to sign over text message by replying, "I agree" or "I accept." Once a contract is accepted, PactSafe makes it enforceable by creating a guaranteed tamper-proof legal record instantly. It also integrates with Salesforce, so you can send directly within your CRM.

Pricing: PactSafe offers a free signing version here, with other plans for text-to-sign starting at $100 a month. Available at PactSafe.


This cloud-based software for professional service firms and freelancers consolidates and simplifies core business processes, including help desk, time tracking, invoicing, project management, asset management and data reporting. Integrates with FreshBooks, Microsoft Office, SalesForce, QuickBooks and Google Apps.

Price: Free for one person and $39 a month for teams. Available at SherpaDesk.


It's a work-for-equity marketplace where anyone can hire freelancers in exchange for equity. Entrepreneurs can now leverage contractors instead of investors to kickstart anything into reality, effectively turning contractors into early-stage investors.

Pricing: $150 or $200 per project (the latter provides additional visibility and dedicated support services). Available at Loom.co.


Instead of using a credit score, this cloud platform uses artificial intelligence and pulls data from a small business's accounting software or bank account to determine credit worthiness. Funds from $1,000 to $100,000 can be transferred as soon as the next business day and are paid back in 12 or 24 weeks. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR), which is higher than normal lines of credit because the terms are shorter, is broken up into equal parts to be paid over the term of the loan. If you pay a loan off early, then Fundbox forgives/writes off whatever remains of the APR. The line of credit is rotating, so you can pay it off and access the same amount again.

Pricing: APR runs 16.4% to 76.5%. Available at Fundbox.  


Skillshare is an online learning community with 18,000 classes in design, business, technology, photography, writing and more. Anyone can join the millions of members in the Skillshare community to learn new skills, connect with peers and discover new opportunities. Or, share your expertise, build a brand and make money by teaching on the platform.

Pricing: Premium membership starts at less than $10 a month and unlocks unlimited access to the entire class catalog. Available at Skillshare.


This one uses artificial intelligence to create original music timed with millisecond precision to help your brain focus, meditate or sleep. Use it on the web or via mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Pricing: 5 sessions for free. Paid subscriptions start at $3.95 a month if you pay for a year, $6.95 for a month at a time, or $150 for never-ending access. Available at Brain.fm.


It's an online visual communication tool used by over 900,000 marketers, communicators and educators from over 100 countries. What makes Visme unique is it has consolidated key features of Powerpoint and a design tool and married them into an easy-to-use browser-based platform that allows anyone without design experience to tap into hundreds of professional templates and an extensive library of assets to create engaging presentations, infographics, reports and e-books.  It also offers business plans so companies can create teams, upload custom fonts, set branding guidelines and share and collaborate as a team. Content can be made public online, private and password protected or downloaded for offline use. 

Pricing : Free and paid plans (starting at $10 a month). Available at Visme.


This online graphic design platform is designed to be so simple, anyone can use it. With 10,500 free images including photos, icons, patterns, vectors, frames, shapes and illustrations, you can make perfectly sized posts or ads for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media accounts. Or, design posters, cards, marketing materials and any other kind of graphic using images you upload while playing around with filters and templates you can turn on with one click.

Pricing: Free, although some features are $0.99 (yours forever once purchased). Available at Crello.

Startup Pitch Decks

Want to see how the perfect pitch is done? Check out this collection of fundraising decks from startups including Airbnb, Tinder, BuzzFeed and other big names which altogether raised over $400 million. You'll find 18 stellar examples compiled by Attach, a platform for sales reps, startups, marketers who can see how recipients are engaging with presentations, documents and other materials once sent.

Pricing: Free to view the pitch deck examples at attach.io.


This enterprise software lets hiring managers and recruiters screen candidates using text. Think that sounds weird? One 2017 study of 1,400 recent grads found that 86 percent of Millennial and Gen Z job candidates felt positively when text messages were used during the interview process. Plus, the company says its software--which is also available for iOS and Android--lets recruiters screen three to five times the number of candidates per day that they once were able to reach. It also lets them send employment brand information--such as culture videos, benefits and job descriptions--to a candidate's mobile phone.

Pricing: Subscriptions start at $300 a month. Request a demo at Canvas.