Consider for a moment the people you interact with on a daily basis. Without a doubt some of these individuals aren't operating at their top potential. Chances are, you aren't either. It's because of a ubiquitous behavior that only the most successful people in life refuse to engage in: Making excuses.

Consider some of these common themes, and see if any sound familiar. If they do, you need to change your thinking if you truly want to be at your best.

"I don't feel up to exercising today."

Sleeping poorly the night before, having a headache or feeling blue are terrible reasons for not working out. In fact, exercise is the one simple thing which will pull you out of your slump and set you on a path of productivity. Moving your body, training your muscles and increasing your heart rate for at least 30 minutes is something you should be doing every single day. I've polled hundreds of successful executives and high achievers and this practice is likely the one they have cited the most as getting them ahead in business and life.

"I can't afford a vacation."

This is trash. Regardless of your debt or income, every working person can (and should) find a way to recharge somewhere nice with family or friends. Most likely there are funds you could divert away from your cable bill, Starbucks, the liquor store or countless other places. If you put $40 every month into an envelope for five years you would have $2,400. Could you go somewhere for that amount of money? Or, maybe that's too long to wait. Come on -- successful people know how gratifying it is to literally watch a pile of cash grow over time in anticipation of getting something they really want.

"I don't have anything to wear."

Well, that's a lie. It's probably more accurate to say that you don't have anything which makes you feel confident. And confidence is everything when it comes to becoming successful. Regardless of your physical size or budget, you need to have an outfit you can wear on a daily basis which makes you feel good about your appearance. You don't need a full closet, either. Several high achievers have told me they wear the same kind of outfit every day, such as a plain white T-shirt and jeans. They say it gives them one less thing to think about, freeing their mind from decision fatigue.

"I'm creatively blocked."

Unfortunately, I know this one well and it's a condition which only perpetuates itself the longer you allow it. There are countless ways to spur creativity, if only you get off social media (or wherever else you're wasting time procrastinating). Try working at a coffee shop instead of your regular office, go to the gym to reset your brain, or connect in person with a high achiever who can give you ideas regarding whatever problem you're trying to solve.