For many entrepreneurs and business owners, the first quarter is a time to set new goals and scale their businesses. Scaling is a way a business can grow by expanding its customer base and increasing revenue without compromising the quality of the services it offers. It's also a great way to increase the visibility of your business and services. 

We're often short on time, already working long hours for clients to make ends meet. So how can we simply and quickly scale our business as we start the New Year?

Here are three ways:

1. Hiring the right team members

Deciding when to add talent to your team is a big step when scaling your business, and making sure you hire the right person can be stressful. The good news is that it doesn't have to be.

According to Kamila Gornia, founder and CEO of Heart Behind Hustle, you'll know it's time to hire a new team member when: 


"For example, let's say part of your strategy is to create website landing pages and a sales page to increase sales, but it takes you 20 hours to do both of those things," said Gornia. "If it could've taken someone else with expertise an hour, it might be a good idea to hand that task over to a new hire who specializes in web and technology setup."

During the interviewing process, you may want to give candidates a test project. This is a good way to gauge the potential team members' communication style, work ethic and quality, as well as how well they take direction and feedback.

2. Automating more of your marketing

For busy entrepreneurs, marketing automation is a way to save time while continuing to effectively market products and services, and it can be especially valuable when scaling your business. Marketing automation utilizes technology to be more effective when marketing through multiple online channels, including social media. 

Facebook ads are a simple way to automate marketing and lead generation because the platform offers countless ways to do so, such as building brand, community, authority, and making sales.

I also like to put evergreen posts in a queue that recycles over time. This is where I share industry news, articles like the ones I write for, and blog posts from my website.

You may think you're showing the same thing to people over and over again, but you're not. Social media feeds are constantly moving, and they don't reach the same people every time they're posted.

3. Creating courses and programs for passive income

You can scale your business by offering more content, including online courses and group programs.

Before I create an online course, I like to work with people one-on-one or in groups to find out everything I can about the state of their business, where they want to go, and what is getting in the way. After doing that with a few clients, it's easy to create the course because it's tailored to what your avatar really wants, not what you think he or she wants.

Another way to approach creating a course is by outlining the current process your private clients go through and organizing it into a set curriculum.

"Consider what the before and after are for the client," Gornia suggested. "That is, what does their life look like before the course, what are their pain points, struggles and challenges, and what do they want their life to look like after completing it." 

Regardless of which way you implement to quickly scale your business in 2018, don't try to overcomplicate it. The plans don't have to be elaborate, they just have to be functional.