As a small business owner, you probably have a lot to do. I know I wear a lot of hats day to day. Something that helps me manage it all is by planning ahead.

But how do you plan ahead, when you have too much to do right now? You plan to plan ahead.

Do a brain dump.

Maya Elious, a content strategist, says before you try to organize the scattered thoughts in your head, you need to get them on paper, then prioritize them.

"Determine which ones are self-serving, which ones help others, and which one will make you money," Elious suggests. "You want to make sure you're investing your energy into things that will produce measurable results. If it's not helping someone or making you money then you can put the idea to the side for now."

Establish a content workflow

Brittany Berger, a business productivity expert, says streamlining your content is key.

"You should know way ahead of time when you're going to be launching new products, running promotions, or unveiling any big project or campaign," Berger says. "Your content needs to align with the rest of your marketing strategy if it's going to bring results, so you'll want to plan the supporting content ahead of time."

Berger suggests establishing a content workflow to tie everything together - present and future. Elious does something similar by choosing a theme for each month and organizing her content into a series that focuses on a specific topic.

Create first, then edit

Jess Catorc, an online brand and website strategist, advises entrepreneurs to create content first, and then, edit later.

"It can be so easy to want to stop every five minutes to review and fix your work, however, this only slows down the process and reduces your productivity," Catorc says.

She also suggests working in your power hour. We all hit a peak of being focused and creative at certain times of the morning, day, or night.

"While it's common advice to dedicate time in your calendar to produce content, if it's a time where your energy normally drops, no matter how hard you work, it will always be a struggle."


Today, there are so many ways to automate your business. For me, scheduling is the biggest game changer when it comes to planning ahead. Whether it be blog posts, social media shares, or emails, I can work now and share it days, weeks, and months ahead of time. This knocks a lot off of my future to-do lists and takes a big weight off my shoulders.

Feeling overwhelmed is common for most small business owners, but planning ahead doesn't only act as an insurance plan, but will decrease your chances of falling victim to burn out.