When I started using Pinterest, it was to try new recipes, find inspiration while planning my wedding, and search for home decor ideas. Then, I started a business.

Don't get me wrong, Pinterest is still a great place for all of those fun things, but it's also a place for business owners to drive traffic to their websites. A great place.

"Pinterest is not a social media platform. It's a search engine like Google," said Melyssa Griffin, creator of Pinfinite Growth. "You can simply implement some key SEO principles and get heaps of free, organic traffic from the platform."

When Melyssa started using Pinterest more strategically, her email list jumped to 8,000 subscribers within four months, and now, two years later, it's hovering around 150,000 people. She credits Pinterest for the growth.

"Pinterest? brings in over 75 percent of my traffic and I'm just spending about 10 minutes per day re-pinning content from my blog archives," Sarah Morgan, from XO Sarah and creator of Pinterest Powerhouse said.

Sarah believes Pinterest is not only one of the best marketing tools for business, but the most overlooked.

"All businesses should be utilizing the power of Pinterest marketing to tap into the potential of bringing huge amounts of new traffic and potential customers to their website," Summer Tannhauser, creator of Pinterest Power, said. "87% of consumers have bought something because of content on Pinterest!"

"While Pinterest is still wearing down its reputation as a place geared only toward moms and DIY bloggers, it can actually drive traffic, leads, and sales to businesses in just about any niche or any gender," Melyssa said. "More than 100 million men use Pinterest too!"

If you're looking for another way to market your business or drive traffic to your website, Pinterest may be exactly what you need.