Greater connectivity might not always mean greater connection. Is it just me, or have you noticed a lot of people are taking the "social" out of social media?

Social media has changed the complexion of the entire world since the start of the 21st century. When Facebook, and then Twitter were introduced, everyone was responding to everything and loved engaging. It's not like that anymore.

Today, you can mention someone in a tweet or tag someone in a Facebook post and hear crickets. Nothing. You need to be social.

Build trust

Jordan Harbinger, co-founder of the podcast The Art of Charm says, "So few people view their fans as people instead of just numbers, so what ends up happening is people are actually pleasantly surprised when you do engage with them. When people view you as real and authentic, it builds trust and when people trust you and you have more influence and that is what gets people to spread the messages you want them to spread, to buy your products and to value the relationship that they have with you."

It's about being liked, known, and trusted -- on a personal level and a professional level.

Share your expertise

Despite being an introvert, Grant Wise, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Real Estate Marketing University, is a social influencer.

"It's important to respond to tags, comments, shares, mentions, etc. to foster relationships, and even sales, in your business," Wise advises. "Simply by engaging and trying to help those interacting with me, I was able to add new sales to my business every week that helped drive my company forward."

Get personal

Marketing expert Carolin Soldo started her business on social media from a scratch.

"As social media becomes more and more commercialized, it also becomes less and less personal and true connection is lost," Soldo said. "Smart marketers know this and can stand out by taking the time to respond to posts when they are mentioned or tagged. Doing this creates a relationship between the marketer and their followers, which is what both sides desire in the first place."

Make it a conversation

Engagement is key to sticking out in social media algorithms, so if you want your account to be seen, it's best to foster conversations on a regular basis.

"If comments are consistently unresponded to, there's little reason for people to continue leaving comments and if people stop leaving comments or liking your posts, your relevance drops and it becomes harder for your content to get organic reach," marketing expert Jasmine Star said. "It's important to remember that social media is a real life conversation happening on the internet. If someone approached you at a cocktail party and introduced herself, you wouldn't ignore her, right?"

So, stop worrying about how many followers you have and start concentrating on what you're doing on the platform -- being social.