In 2017, you need to be using video to market your brand. No question.

Still, so many business owners are not taking the time to implement this proven strategy. Just like anything else in business, it takes time to learn and execute, but it's not as difficult, or expensive, as you think to get started.

The Gear

"Don't overanalyze gear," suggests Amy Schmittauer, author of Vlog Like A Boss. "You can create some amazing video that looks and feels personal to your audience with an iPhone or comparable smartphone."

Now that you know you just need a smartphone and you're ready to shoot, you need to look around.

The Lighting and Audio

"As long as your audience can hear you clearly, the lighting isn't horrible, and you're giving them the information they're searching for, you have a winning combination," YouTube influencer Sunny Lenarduzzi said. "Ensure you're filming facing a light source, like a window, and you are in a quiet room with little distraction."

At this point, you're sitting in place ready to roll, but what do you say?

The Content

"Stop thinking about yourself while you're recording and think about who you're doing it for," Schmittauer suggests. "When you look at the lens of a camera like it's Susie or Joe, the individual you're really doing this for, the impact of your message is much greater."

Lenarduzzi suggests getting to your message quickly.

"Remember, your audience is searching for answers," she said. "Keep your introduction short and get into the meat of your video as quickly as possible."

The Editing

Some of the most intuitive and easy-to-use apps to hit the market are video editors... and many are free!

"All most people need to finish their video is some music, simple transitions, and a little text," Schmittauer said. "You definitely don't need a pro to do that."

The Promotion

You can't just create something and not share it. Upload the video to YouTube and embed it on your website. Then, share it in emails and all your social media channels. Video is captivating. People will watch!

The Last Step

Finally, Trena Little, a video content strategist says just do it. "You are never going to be good on camera if you don't practice," Little said."Just like riding a bike, you will never learn how to do it if you don't start doing it."

So, why aren't you creating video for your brand?