It's the 253rd episode of Inc. Uncensored, and this week we welcome you to the year 2020, in which our cars do not fly--but, hey, at least you can use an app to deliver your cat litter within 24 hours.

The good news: A lot of what's ahead in 2020 is incredibly innovative. I've gathered some of our editorial team together to fast-forward you through the year ahead with some of the predictions they've made about what's to come in the world of entrepreneurship.

First, from a company that makes carbon dioxide-absorbing cement to one that has developed algorithms that save food, staff writer Kevin Ryan examines the innovative startups you should watch in 2020

Next, staff reporter Lu Gonzalez has dug into some of the country's fastest-growing startups' internal moves to pinpoint which are likely to go public this year

And, finally, web producer Brit Morse has a story that might just hit close to home for you founders and office-workers alike: odd HR trends that may soon be coming to your company.

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