Welcome to the 215th episode of the Inc. Uncensored podcast, hosted by Inc.'s editor in chief, James Ledbetter.

Inc.'s San Francisco bureau chief Jeff Bercovici reports that Amazon's huge counterfeit problem is getting dangerous. Chinese counterfeiters don't follow stringent American regulations for children's products. But they can still sell in the U.S., due to Amazon's massive platform that lets any seller around the world--some even without any identifying information--hawk their wares. There's a real danger to some of those knock-off products: Jeff reports that counterfeit baby products such as cutesy pacifiers that may be a choking hazard are being openly listed. 

Next, Inc.com assistant editor Cameron Albert-Deitch discusses Google's latest flap. When the search giant attempted to set up an AI ethics council, he explains, nothing went as planned.

Finally, I talk about my latest story from our Female Founders series, about Leanne Pittsford, the founder of a group called Lesbians Who Tech. It's a massive, 50,000-person organization that does networking and conferences, and has a nonprofit that gives coding scholarships to women. Now it's pivoting to become a scalable technology company. What Pittsford and Lesbians Who Tech is building is called Include.io, and I explain its massive goal to overhaul diversity hiring in Silicon Valley and beyond.

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