It's the kind of question that will keep you up at night: What would happen to all the important the stuff on my computer if my computer went kaput?

Finding an economical answer to that question inspired cloud-storage company Backblaze, which Burt Helm profiles in the March/April issue of Inc. magazine. It's a fascinating company that created a solution with prices so low it inspired conspiracy theories about its own operation. But with $40 million in revenue last year, and helping back up data from a million devices, it's very real. Inc.'s editor-at-large gives us an inside look at the company, and a preview of his feature, on this week's episode of Inc. Uncensored.

Plus: Two years ago, a startup subscription rental service for general merchandise--you know, a popcorn machine, a blender, a bouncy castle--raised $19 million from investors. Now it's attempting to sell itself, or find more funding, before it goes under. Diana Ransom explains the complicated story of Joymode.

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