Welcome to the 255th episode of the Inc. Uncensored podcast. I'm senior writer Christine Lagorio-Chafkin.

We at Inc. underwent a major project recently to discover the big trends and hidden secrets of how leaders of some of the country's fastest-growing companies use technology. We asked 150 CEOs to be completely transparent about everything from their personal opinions about Facebook to how much they remain tethered to their work email and chat after hours. Digital design and data director Kristin Lenz brings us inside the creation of--and most fascinating results from--the survey.

Next, staff writer Kevin Ryan talks about how to hack yourself. Or, well, how to hire a white-hat hacker or firm to test the vulnerabilities of your company's data security. He found some CEOs who have done it, and they shared their lessons from their experience.

And web producer Sophie Downes explains how even the most email-addicted CEOs can craft policies that help their employees stay connected--while still being able to turn off from work.

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