Here's a good test for whether you work in a beautiful office: Do you tag it on Instagram posts?

Now that Inc. has published its list of this year's World's Coolest Offices as chosen by the editorial team, it's time to dive into a more user-generated, data-driven ranking: the world's most Instagrammed company headquarters. Instagram handed over the geotag data for companies whose headquarters were deemed worthy of posting (and tagging with "HQ" or "headquarters") by employees, guests, and other visitors.

Here are the world's 10 most Instagrammed company headquarters.

10. Etsy

Brooklyn, New York

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The vintage-wares-and-maker-marketplace moved into its massive new headquarters near the Brooklyn waterfront in 2016. It worked with local artisans to create furnishings and murals--and built sustainability into the office accoutrements, including an intricate rainwater-collection-and-distribution system. The spunky art and bohemian styling are just quirky enough to be highly 'grammable.

9. eBay

San Jose, California

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EBay's primary-color logo sign is a San Jose landmark, and a popular stop for selfies. Inside the company's headquarters, there are a few other photo ops, including a large trophy-case style collection of PEZ dispensers (users have dubbed it the "wall of PEZ") and a sushi bar in the cafe.

8. Uber

San Francisco

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Uber may be San Francisco's second-largest tenant, with seven offices either in use or under construction--but its massive 268,000 square-foot headquarters on Market Street is its most photographed and shared space. A mix of unfinished elements and pockets of what architect Studio O+A dubbed "populist luxury" were created as visual nods to the company's mission.

7. Epic Games

Cary, North Carolina

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The creator of Fortnite is down the road from Raleigh, North Carolina, and some 3,000 miles from California, where most other U.S. video-game companies are based. Its founder, Tim Sweeney, says the location keeps his company from being swayed by Silicon Valley groupthink. With an in-office slide and bigger than life-size characters from its games peppered about, it's also at no risk of being influenced by your standard office park.

6. Google

Mountain View, California

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The Googleplex may be 15 years old, but that doesn't mean it's not an aspirational office to visit--and photograph. Its relatively low-slung buildings and grounds cover some two million square feet, and facilities include free laundry rooms, two swimming pools, several sand volleyball courts, and at least 18 cafeterias.

5. SpaceX

Hawthorne, California

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The SpaceX headquarters on 1 Rocket Road is notoriously secretive--with visitors usually limited to a tour of a rocket replica outside of the main building. And from the outside, the low-slung industrial building is not much to see. But inside, there's a factory, a mission-control room, and massive pieces of aeronautical equipment abound--including a Dragon capsule suspended from the ceiling.

4. Netflix

Los Gatos, California

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Netflix's two buildings in Los Gatos, California, are connected by a narrow bridge, to allow a free flow between offices. They are full of warm colors, varying textures, lots of wood, a movie theater, and a central coliseum of banquettes for group discussions. There's also a 'gram-ready replica of a set from the company's hit show, Stranger Things.

3. Spotify

Stockholm, Sweden

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Clad in dark blues, greens, and purples, Spotify's HQ is luxurious without being trendy. What you can't see in the photographs is that there's music streaming all day long.

2. Instagram

Menlo Park, California

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Instagram moved into its own massive headquarters in 2016--and, fittingly, outfitted the space with several nooks perfect for snapping shareable photographs. The rest of the office is bright, clean, and, well, also photo-ready.

1. Facebook

Menlo Park, California

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Facebook's new headquarters is so sprawling it's more easily compared to a neighborhood than an office. It contains courtyards smattered with redwood trees, multiple cafes, a public park, and large-scale art installations--each of which make for quite like-able images.