"Business owners, what are the most painful problems you face on a day-to-day basis? And a problem your customers face?"

That first question, posted by Redditor inspire70, didn't quite break the Internet. (And that second question about customers? Well, that went pretty much ignored.) But it did elicit some very genuine responses from small-business owners about their daily frustrations. So let's hear the entrepreneurs just vent:

  • "Cash flow," writes u/TimAus. Simple enough.
  • "Basically, when you own your own business you find out everything cost ALOT of money. And you can't just double your business to double your income as all expenses go up as you grow," writes u/Vegetarian234. "I'd estimate that if I wanted to double my income, I'd have to quadruple the size of the business. I don't know if it's worth it."
  • "Never getting a day off," writes u/axfx. "Ever." 
  • "Inventory. How much to order? Will it be enough? What to do with the excess inventory?" comments u/cosmicexplorerr.
  • U/LoRdAcId takes a swing at software: "Intuit Quickbooks. Oh how I hate Intuit Quickbooks. Does something work well this month? That's great because it will likely be broken next month." 
  • "employees and employees," writes u/malakes. 
  • "Government over-regulation," says u/JEdwardF*ck, to which u/drifting_ responded: "Let me guess, they won't let you guys create internet fast lanes? :p" 
  • "My biggest problem (small business) is balancing sales with capacity. I am generally either stressed about not having enough work in the pipeline or scrambling to process a flood of production. While I have some great customers who pay on delivery or net 10 days, there are always some that have me calling them for months before I see a check," writes u/tenthjuror.
  • "The single biggest issue is communication. When something goes right, communicating it to those who need to be recognized. When something goes wrong, communicating it to someone who needs to resolve the issue then once again communicating the resolution to your team so they can learn how to avoid/resolve the problem on their own in the future. We get better at this every day but it is absolutely the area with the most room for improvement at almost every company/team I've worked with or consulted for," writes u/Beardrain.  

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Or just add your own complaint. We won't judge.