Hotel lobbies have for decades served as places where travelers, freelancers, and anyone with a nice enough jacket on to go unnoticed could squat for a few hours to take a meeting, make a few phone calls, or squeeze in a little uninterrupted work. Nowadays, one might call that concept coworking. And a few hotels around the globe are officially getting in on the action. 

Most notably, there's the Hotel Schani, which opened in Vienna in April. The 135-room "coworking hotel," shown here, created an integrated lobby, dining area, and coworking lounge on its ground floor. Guests and locals alike can rent a workstation for the day.

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A layer of technology will also augment guests' experience at Hotel Schani. One books a room online (obviously), but then also selects their desired floor and proximity to the elevator. Amenities, and even furnishing arrangement, may also be plucked from a menu in the future. The guest also checks in, and unlocks the door to their room, through an app.

In a move seemingly borrowed from WeWork, coworkers at Schani may communicate through its own app, called Co-Working Marketplace. Well, wenn sie Deutsch sprechen. For now, the app is only in German. Gute Reisen!