Welcome to the 90th episode of Inc. Uncensored. This week's episode is hosted James Ledbetter, the editor of Inc. and Inc.com.

The week's big whammy has set in: Donald Trump is president-elect. Inc. executive editor Jon Fine brings us through a thoughtful examination of how data and polling failed in accuracy. Fine also gazes ahead two months into the future and beyond, to what entrepreneurs--and, heck, anyone--can expect to see as the economy reacts to what Donald Trump has promised out of his first day, and first 100 days, in office.

Senior writer Christine Lagorio-Chafkin has a story of trouble lurking below the surface of the Internet. Remember that denial-of-service hack last month that took down parts of the web for part of a day last month? It was widely blamed on a hack on Dyn, one of the switchboards of the Internet, and affected sites such as Twitter and Reddit. The botnet attack exploited weaknesses in Internet-of-Things devices, such as in-home video cameras. The weird part? It's still going on.

Plus, for this week's Exit Interview, the Inc. team speaks with kids' clothing-subscription startup Rockets of Awesome founder Rachel Blumenthal.

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Published on: Nov 11, 2016