This is no two-man startup. But everyone here sits at the same desk.

Barbarian Group, the New York City-based creative agency whose tagline is "it's gonna be awesome," just upgraded its 20th Street digs with a 4,400-foot communal superdesk. "It's not a half-pipe. It's an awesome desk," says the company's website, announcing the office revamp's sprawling Mobius-strip of a centerpiece. It continues:

The challenge was to create the most collaborative, creative environment possible. The result? A desk that we could all share, literally--4,400 square feet of undulating, unbroken awesomeness to keep people and ideas flowing.

It's the company's first new space in eight years, and it was created with help from Los Angeles-based architect Clive Wilkinson. The desk was constructed in Los Angeles after being laser-cut by "vintage automotive robots" and shipped to New York City for assembly. The tabletop, a continuous seamless resin, was poured over the course of a day and a half.

Employees seem pretty keen on it: The Barbarian Desk already has a twitter handle

CEO Sophie Kelly and chairman Benjamin Palmer introduce the new space, and explain the origin and construction of the superdesk, in the video below. 

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