Recipe for success: Harsh started selling baked goods to raise money for a high school orchestra trip. She raised $700 -- and built a loyal following in the process. When she arrived at college, she continued to bake, and word of her cookie prowess spread. Today, hungry classmates can order Finger-Lickin Peanut Butter and Cranberry White Chocolate Chip cookies online or request custom ingredients.

Weirdest request: A cookie that included fried rice and ice cream. "I made something that was at least edible," Harsh says.

Beyond baking: On her Facebook fan page, Harsh lists a bold mission statement -- "Changing the world one cookie at a time." It's a promise she's trying to make good on. Every year, she bakes 700 cookies for a local fundraiser called the Helping Hands Benefit Concert, which in 2009 raised money to dig wells in villages in Africa.

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