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We put a lot of effort into creating exciting, engaging content that will strike a chord with our audience. The problem is that today's fresh content is tomorrow's old news. With multiple publishing channels and the 24/7 social media cycle, you may feel constant pressure to come up with new and different things.

As you're thinking about new topics and ways to create engagement, it's important to ask yourself whether you're ignoring a major resource right under your nose. Your existing content can be leveraged to generate more traffic and more conversions if you go about it the right way.

Finding the right content

The best part of working with existing content is that you've already got the data on how it performed. When it comes to ideal pieces to target for a rework, there are two types of content that you should take a close look at:

  • Posts with high traffic but low conversion
  • Posts with low traffic but high conversion

If something garners high traffic, it tells you that it has hit a sweet spot with an audience; it's filling a niche that needed filling. It also means your SEO efforts have been doing their job, so you know it's getting the attention it deserves. The job is to figure how to increase leads on these posts and actually generate revenue.

If something has high conversions, it means the post is super effective when it reaches its target audience. You just need to find a way to boost traffic and reap the benefits.

Tweaking the conversion rate

Boosting conversions is about taking a close look at the flow of your content. We're talking about minor changes and tweaks--remember that if you can make even a small boost in a high traffic post, you'll reap big rewards.

The main thing to look at is your call to action. Adjustments to things like placement, size, color, and wording can make a big difference. Collecting good information from a heat map or doing live user testing can tell you a lot about your design and how it's working.

Also consider what offer you're making to your leads in your call to action (CTA). Is that white paper or study you're promising really as tantalizing as you think? A great way to update and republish old content is to attach something new to your CTA, and then tie it into the post with an extra paragraph.

Boosting traffic

When we're looking at posts with high conversion but low traffic, the first place to start is with the things SEO cares about: links, keywords, and meta descriptions. Links are a good place to start. Updating your links to fresher sites and more up-to-date studies will have an impact.

For keywords and meta descriptions, you might need to conduct a new round of research to see if what you originally were using is still relevant today. Things shift over time, and it could be that it's just not showing up where your target audience is searching.

Finally, with traffic-deficient posts, you could be running into a problem with how you're promoting your content. Are you re-running older pieces on channels that your audience is actually using? Instagram and LinkedIn have totally different crowds, and people go there for different reasons.

Be obsessive with tweaks

The next time you start worrying about what new piece of content you can come up with, take a look at your existing pieces instead, and see if there's room for improvement. Being obsessed with making small adjustments and tweaks to launch a content upgrade could be just the ticket to boost traffic and conversion.