Periscope offers business owners a whole new way to interact with customers and social media followers.

Live streaming, (i.e., informal, live video broadcasting) can humanize a business. It’s spontaneous in an unscripted way, and that appeals to many. That sense of “real” can build a loyalty bond with customers, because they get a stronger sense that they are interacting with people, not with some faceless company. 

Here are some tips for using Periscope and live streaming in a small business:

Announce Product Launches

Since Periscope is run through Twitter, as a business owner, you are already connected with followers. You have the opportunity to build anticipation by sending out periodic tweets counting down to live product launches. Once word gets around, you can build anticipation for people to watch your live launch. New products become much more exciting through the anticipation and the sense of something happening live.

Peek Behind the Scenes

We humans are curious creatures. Offering “behind the scenes” live interaction is intriguing to most people. You have the chance to pull in fans to see the inner workings of your company. Do you have a warehouse? Give a video walk through. Have a friendly accounting department? Pop in and introduce them to viewers. Are your customer service staff heroes to the customers they serve? Explain how they help, and show their patience and dedication to the important work they do. In short, build intimacy with customers by giving a quick video tour of your company operations using Periscope.

Hold a Focus Group

Focus groups can be awesome for collecting feedback from customers and the buying public. But assembling one can be expensive and time consuming. A really great way to use Periscope is to offer the opportunity for fans to participate in Periscope focus groups live. Ask people on the street or at a convention what they think of a new product such as your new craft beer or cupcake flavor. Free feedback by actual consumers is priceless.

Engage Two-Way With Customers

Periscope provides participants with a way to chat with the broadcaster by leaving a live stream of comments. It’s a quick, effortless way to interact with your audience. See what the feedback is. Customers love to be honest. Be open to feedback, and don’t let fear of hearing something negative hold you back. It’s better to know, so you can address it. Besides, the feedback will probably be positive and will pump you up.

Create Live Tutorials

Is there a common question left by customers that you and your people answer all the time? Offer a solution via live stream and demonstrate it, unedited, to anyone interested. Offer demos and take questions from the audience. You’ll be helping people in real time and providing a great service.

Share Big Announcements

Have big news coming up? Just as with product launches, build up the anticipation for a few weeks via Twitter, and make your announcement have a wow factor by letting everyone know the news live. Make it exciting and involve people as participants (as live viewers). If you’re at a special conference, even as an attendee, broadcast it. Give your customers and social followers something unique and awesome to get excited over. They will remember you better for it. 

Free your imagination, and soon you’ll be supercharging your marketing through livestreaming.