With the overwhelming influence social media has on daily life, people are constantly bombarded by tweets and status updates. In the last few years, the use of social media has risen exponentially around the world, creating new communities and outlets for communication—something Patrick Ip, Sonia Chokshi and Kavya Shankar decided was an opportunity to trigger social change. 

“This past September, we launched Kip Solutions with the question in mind, ‘How can we use social media to really make a difference?’” says Ip.

The team has partnered up with clients around the world to make a global impact. Ip, Chokshi and Kavya collaborate with these different international groups in using social media to amplify social causes. 

“Its not so much that we have a new process but rather that we are applying the insight that we have as young people,” says Ip. “Our entire company is composed of college students who live and breathe social media everyday.” Ip attends the University of Chicago, while Chokshi and Shankar attend Tufts University and Harvard University, respectively. 

Kip Solutions works with companies by consulting with them on the best ways to use social media platforms depending on their needs. This can be anything from helping companies gain new partnerships to helping them fundraise for a specific cause. They have worked with such companies as AMIS-Cameroon, which works to build ICT technology to support farmers, and Opportunity Collaboration in Mexico, which provides a platform for leaders to collaborate to eliminate poverty. Currently, Kip Solutions has 12 clients worldwide.

“We create contracts with these clients and we work with them to actually create measurable outcomes,” says Ip.

Kip Solutions generally charges between $1,000 and $2,000 monthly and will work with companies for different lengths of time, depending on the intensity and purpose of the project. Kip Solution has grown from a three to 10 person team to handle the growing demand for their services. 

“I think a lot of students have the ability to do great social media, but I think they lack the training to do it in a business-like manner, but in our team we have students coming from community college all the way up to the Ivy League,” says Ip. “Everyone on our team makes a difference on a daily basis and cares so much about what we are doing.”

The company has already seen great success with their clients—seeing huge leaps in the effectiveness and reach of those they have worked with. 

“I think there are so many millennials out there who want to make a social change, but don’t feel like they are making a difference just volunteering or reaching out on their own,” says Chokshi. “Our company is almost two-fold in that sense because we are able to enact social change on such a broad level, and at the same time our company is able to know that we really are making a difference worldwide.”

Mar 4, 2012