Kenny Nguyen, founder and CEO of Big Fish Presentations knows how to give an amazing presentation. Certainly not one that will bore you to tears or lull you into a slumber. He promises much more than that: 

“We make insurance companies look sexy,” he says. 

The comment might be funny, but Nguyen isn’t fooling around. The current Louisiana State University junior founded his design firm in March 2011, inspired by a not-so-promising presentation from a Fortune 500 company that came to his school. Nguyen was shocked at how boring the presentation was, but from the experience saw a niche in the market, and decided to step up.

So with less than a thousand dollars, in part from his father and an internship paycheck, Nguyen started to help people catch—and keep—the attention of their audience. Nguyen’s father is an entrepreneur himself, and a source of inspiration. “He’s my hero when it comes to entrepreneurship,” Nguyen says. “He’s one of the best-known entrepreneurs around our area.”

Big Fish Presentations caters to large and small companies, offering personalized presentation services through a variety of platforms such as PowerPoint, Prezi, and Animoto. The company will handle everything from putting a presentation together to presentation strategy workshops. They do high-quality presentation design and copy writing that is easily communicated, readable, and clear for the audience. The company also offers commercial video production, after discovering a high client demand for the service.

Now 12 months later Nguyen and his six employees are expecting to end their fiscal—and first year—with revenue of $75,000. Nguyen is pleased with the return on his investment. “Our original goal was $100,000,” he says,  “but we started the company with less than a thousand dollars in funding, so we multiplied that, and it came out pretty well.”

The Baton Rouge, La. business has its largest client base where it was founded, hooking clients like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana, Raising Cane’s, and Celtic Studios. The company’s second largest client base is New York. Nguyen attracted attention for his start-up by pitching to businesses at the Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards last year.

Nguyen graduates in 2014 and plans to grow his company into at least a million dollar business. As Big Fish Presentations grows he’d like to expand the services his company provides to include motion graphics, new software, and maybe even webinars. The entrepreneur would also like to build his own presentation software one day as well as continue to hire great talent.

Nguyen and his employees—all full-time undergrad students—spend about 60 hours a week working on projects. Even so, Nguyen has never thought about giving it up. “I’ve always lived with the idea that it’s not work if you love what you do,” he says. “I love what I do so I’ve never had the idea of quitting.” 


Published on: Mar 4, 2012